Why Food Logistics Magazine Named Deacom a Top Software and Technology Provider

Food Logistics Magazine distributes an annual list of the top software and technology providers and has named Deacom to this year’s FL100+ list. This acknowledgment from the publication illustrates Deacom’s commitment to, and level of expertise in, the global beverage and food manufacturing market.

For more than 20 years, Deacom has been developing an ERP solution tailored specifically to manufacturers in industries like food and beverage. We don’t try to be everything to everyone. We strive to be everything to manufactures and our cohesive solution fuels this strategy.

Here are some critical business issues that our ERP software for food manufacturers tackle:

Formula Management

When handling formulas for a finished good, manufacturers must take into consideration various revisions and if/how different equipment effects the formula. DEACOM’s formula management capabilities simplify the method while creating strong process control. Formulas only need to be set once in the main app to then scale to any batch or package size. As soon as a change is made, it impacts the inventory, production requirements, and planning so the most up-to-date information is always leveraged.

Inventory Management

Deacom’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) capabilities provide an automated approach to ensure the right amount of raw material is available at the right time. The system goes beyond just spitting out a list of needed items. Operating in an environment with centralized business logic, the MRP provides managers with a thorough understanding of how to make the right business decisions. With the warehouse management system (WMS), material stages and inventory movement can all be tracked in the main application and accessible to all impacted departments.

Production Weigh Up

The staging and weighing up of materials is critical to kicking off production under tight process controls – especially for those manufacturers heavily regulated by the FDA like food and beverage. DEACOM’s WMS strengthens process control by ensuring the first-to-expire (FEFO) or oldest (FIFO) lots are used before other materials. Once proper inventory is weighed, the user can confirm and generate a new label to create a pallet master lot for production. These materials must be scanned again as it’s fed into the production equipment. These extra layers of confirmation ensure the accuracy of each batch.

Quality Control

A manufacturer’s reputation often relies on the quality of the product. Strong quality control processes are key in driving customer loyalty and repeat business while avoiding recalls and safety hazards. DEACOM ERP has processes in place to ensure product consistency from the moment materials enter the facility to the moment it ships out. For example, quality control holds can be implemented at various phases of the production process and prevent further progression until it meets the determined requirements. This eliminates the opportunity to bypass the hold putting the product at risk.


Whether B2B or B2C, online transactions continue to be a primary channel for revenue generation and more customers are relying on them to conduct business. Deacom’s ecommerce functionality is powered by the ERP system. This means, when changes are made in the ERP – like inventory or promise dates – the alteration is automatically rolled out on the ecommerce site with no manual entry needed. This professional front-end customer experience creates a lasting impression where beverage and food manufacturing customers can create individual logins with saved personal details, preferences, and order templates.

We are proud to be part of Food Logistics’ FL100+ list this year and will continue to develop our software to answer the evolving demands of the food and beverage industries.

To see the full FL100+ list, check out the November/December issue of Food Logistics Magazine available now!

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