BOM Management and The Product Configurator

Methods for Efficiently and Elegantly Generating a Bill of Materials from the DEACOM Product Configurator It’s often necessary to generate a fully-configured bill of materials (BOM), based on the customized product options that are chosen in a Product Configurator. One reason for this might be to develop the final cost of the product based on … Continue reading “BOM Management and The Product Configurator”

3rd Shift Harry and the Tale of FEFO vs. FIFO

In this second installment of our series of 3rd Shift Harry stories, we take a look at a devastating issue that can arise when your inventory management rules are bypassed. Picture this… It’s early in the morning and the 3rd shift is coming to a close. After a long and tiring night, Harry is counting the minutes before … Continue reading “3rd Shift Harry and the Tale of FEFO vs. FIFO”

An Easier Way to Manage Work Center Depreciation

Are you managing your business work center depreciation correctly? If you rely on duplicate and manual data entry, chances are that your answer is “no.” Properly calculating the depreciation of fixed assets will allow your business to capitalize on one of the IRS’s most valuable tax deduction for manufacturers. Such assets include buildings, furniture, and … Continue reading “An Easier Way to Manage Work Center Depreciation”

Why Food Logistics Magazine Named Deacom a Top Software and Technology Provider

Food Logistics Magazine distributes an annual list of the top software and technology providers and has named Deacom to this year’s FL100+ list. This acknowledgment from the publication illustrates Deacom’s commitment to, and level of expertise in, the global beverage and food manufacturing market. For more than 20 years, Deacom has been developing an ERP … Continue reading “Why Food Logistics Magazine Named Deacom a Top Software and Technology Provider”

New Look to DEACOM Help

For both new and legacy DEACOM users, the Help System is a critical resource for creating and sharpening efficient business practices with the ERP software. To improve the platform’s user experience, we are excited to roll out some new updates effective today. While the basic interface and top navigation remains familiar to users, many may … Continue reading “New Look to DEACOM Help”

Can Your ERP Handle Pharmaceutical Serialization?

Serialization has been a hot topic in the pharmaceutical industry and will continue to pick up speed as the DSCSA deadlines continue to rollout. Next up: November 2017 when all pharmaceutical manufacturers must serialize down to the unit level. Consider this: A contract manufacturer of aspirin needs to produce one pallet of product for their … Continue reading “Can Your ERP Handle Pharmaceutical Serialization?”

What’s New: DEACOM Mobile

“No matter the industry, mobile is continuing to drive efficiencies within business, and we’re seeing the adoption rate continue to grow in the process manufacturing segment,” said Scott Deakins, COO of Deacom, Inc. In a world where instant gratification and the need to always be “connected” is so prominent in personal life, it should be … Continue reading “What’s New: DEACOM Mobile”

Serialized and Catch Weight Goods Finished in Under One Second

Food and pharmaceutical industries are experiencing an increase in developing regulatory requirements which can impact the finishing process of production. Most manufacturers have to manually move goods through the catch weight and serialization processes risking human error and slowed speeds. Identifying a need to automate this phase of production, Deacom is excited to deliver a … Continue reading “Serialized and Catch Weight Goods Finished in Under One Second”

Cycle Counting Physical Inventory

When paired with a single-system ERP solution, cycle counting has proven to deliver inventory management efficiencies felt company-wide. The end-of-year, inventory count is a process often dreaded by those in the manufacturing industry. However, implementing strategies like cycle counting can reduce the time and risk it requires to complete the task. Cycle counting is a … Continue reading “Cycle Counting Physical Inventory”

Leading Analyst Firm, TEC, Renews Certification of DEACOM ERP

For the second year in a row, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has certified Deacom as an ERP Provider for Process Manufacturers. The public report recognizes Deacom as delivering a product and level of service that is often “unheard of in the ERP software marketplace,” according to Ted Rohm, Senior ERP Analyst at TEC. After living … Continue reading “Leading Analyst Firm, TEC, Renews Certification of DEACOM ERP”