NET1 Integrated Payment Processing for Deacom ERP

NET1 is ECI’s integrated payment processing solution, and we are excited to announce its availability for Deacom ERP customers.

NET1 saves you time, reduces costly data entry errors, provides enhanced security, and increases your business cash flow. NET1 offers convenience with features and services such as:

  • ACH Sales
  • Credit Sales
  • Returns
  • Voiding Payments
  • Level 2 Processing Support
  • Level 3 Processing Support
  • Card/ACH Tokenization
  • AVS Validation
  • CVV Validation

Credit card processors define the account information needed to communicate with the various payment platforms used by Deacom to process credit cards. What separates NET1 from other credit card processors is that you can process ACH transactions in addition to credit cards directly from Deacom.

NET1 with Deacom allows you to:

  • Process credit card and ACH payments right from a Deacom sales order or accounts receivable invoice.
  • Credit funds back to a card from a processed Deacom accounts receivable invoice.
  • Reduce your business liability by storing and securing sensitive payment card information offsite in NET1’s credit card vault.
  • Simplify any maintenance burdens with no need for an installation or constant updates to perform

After a sales order is saved, a separate hosted web form will launch from Deacom; this is where the payment information will be entered.

In this brief video, we demonstrate the process of using the NET1 payment system in conjunction with a Deacom sales order.

NET1 is the best choice for your manufacturing business if you are you looking for a better way to:         

  • Reduce credit card processing fees
  • Accept customer payments on your website
  • Improve cash flow
  • Automate reconciliation reports and reduce administrative expenses
  • Automate PCI compliance for cutting-edge security


How can I get started with NET1?

Deacom customers will need to make arrangements with the NET1 team directly and can request more information here.

Can I process both credit cards and checks with NET1?

Yes. In addition to credit card processing, NET1 offers Electronic Check Services which moves payments electronically from your customer’s checking account to your bank account. NET1 Electronic Check Services processes payments and displays real-time reports from any Internet enabled PC – providing convenient access away from the office.

What credit card types does Net1 accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover

Do I need to change banks?

No. There is no need to change banks. All deposits are made to your current financial institution.

Tell me about NET1 security.

NET1 offers real time fraud control-AVS, CVV and CVV2 at no additional cost.

How can I save money by using NET1?

The ECI team will analyze your current processing costs and work with you on providing competitive rates.  NET1 supports level 3 processing to provide lower rates for B2B transactions.

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