New Product Development with DEACOM ERP

In this video, we explain how Deacom’s ERP software handles the Research & Development and product development requirements that manufacturers have when it comes to the production of new products. Deacom’s single system solution has the ability to control all the changes and history of a formula by providing an audit trail with a date, timestamp, and user ID associated with those changes.

20 Advantages of a Comprehensive ERP System

Traditional ERP software encompasses the very basic functionality needs within its main system. Whether you make car engines, sell clothing, manufacturer prescription drugs, or are in the healthcare industry, the base ERP software remains generic and is often limited to just accounting, purchasing, general ledger, and inventory capabilities. The challenge with this approach is that …

DEACOM New Security Option: Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication in DEACOM ERP

CIOs and IT administrators must continue to evaluate and evolve with changes in Web security best practices. Multi-factor authentication is one of the newest buzz words in Web security as it requires users must validate two or more authentication factors to confirm their identity. This strategy is becoming prevalent for Web applications as data security …

Connecting Online With the Deacom Discussion Board

Deacom Discussion Board

The Deacom Help System now contains a discussion board that connects users to other users and Deacom staff alike. What’s cool about Deacom’s first official discussion board is the ability to access up-to-date information regarding the DEACOM software and pick up some nifty tips and tricks directly from Deacom artisans! In addition, users can make …