Top Deacom Blog Posts of 2016

With the new year right around the corner, we wanted to take a minute and reflect on some of 2016’s most popular Deacom blog posts. So, which ones did you like the most?

  1. Making an Impact at Deacom

If you work closely with the Deacom team, you may hear the term “impactocracy” used in conversations. Yes, we made it up but we use it as the perfect definition of our unique culture. This article features a video of our Founder and CEO, Jay Deakins, which explains what this word means and how our team of artisans apply it every day.

  1. What is MRP?

MRP is quickly becoming one of the most valuable elements to DEACOM ERP. A feature directly impacting numerous departments within a manufacturing business, all employees should have a basic understanding of its function.

  1. 2016 User Conference Big Success for New and Veteran Customers

Well, this is no surprise to us! This year was the most successful Deacom Discover User Conference to date attracting a record number of attendees across all process manufacturing sectors. While our entertaining dinners and game night proved to be a hit, the real value of the 4-day conference was the one-on-one interaction customers had with both Deacom experts and peers. Rereading this article gets us excited for 2017’s event!

  1. How Ready is Your ERP Software for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act?

2017 is a big year for the Pharmaceutical industry as they approach the deadline for serializing down to the unit level. This big change strives to fight against counterfeit drugs and improve recall management. However, many manufacturers are concerned about sacrificing production speed to fulfill these new rules. Read this one to learn everything you need to know about the DSCSA requirements.

  1. What is Process Control?

Process control is often what stands in the way of quality and consistency as it relates to operations, production, and the finished good. This video dives deep into the processes our customers leverage and how an ERP system with the largest functional foundation helps create such scalable and repeatable processes.

Happy New Year everyone! We look forward to continuing to provide you with valuable videos, how-to’s, and articles to guide you through 2017!


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