3rd Shift Harry and the Tale of FEFO vs. FIFO

In this second installment of our series of 3rd Shift Harry stories, we take a look at a devastating issue that can arise when your inventory management rules are bypassed. Picture this… It’s early in the morning and the 3rd shift is coming to a close. After a long and tiring night, Harry is counting the minutes before … Continue reading “3rd Shift Harry and the Tale of FEFO vs. FIFO”

The Not So Tall Tales of 3rd Shift Harry

In all the years we’ve been working with batch and process manufacturers, it seems everyone almost always has a story about a particular, challenging employee. Through these anecdotes, we’ve learned a lot about what our customers deal with on a regular basis and the internal issues they sometimes must overcome – often because of one … Continue reading “The Not So Tall Tales of 3rd Shift Harry”

Top Deacom Blog Posts of 2016

With the new year right around the corner, we wanted to take a minute and reflect on some of 2016’s most popular Deacom blog posts. So, which ones did you like the most? Making an Impact at Deacom If you work closely with the Deacom team, you may hear the term “impactocracy” used in conversations. … Continue reading “Top Deacom Blog Posts of 2016”

Zone Picking Support in the Warehouse Management System

Zone picking is an inventory management strategy now supported in Deacom’s Warehouse Management System. Process manufacturers often organize their warehouse by zones in order to improve the efficiency of picking for both jobs and sales orders. Though different zones may share a similar location, each zone comprises of a different characteristic: refrigerated, dry, flammable, etc. Most … Continue reading “Zone Picking Support in the Warehouse Management System”

What is Process Control (Video)

In this follow-up video to our first whiteboard session, Why Deacom Exists, Jay Deakins goes into more detail on how Deacom’s ERP software brings process control to its batch and process based customers. The video highlights some of the control points that are required through the entire formulation to shipment process and provides examples of where QC holds can … Continue reading “What is Process Control (Video)”