Unifying Operations with One ERP Platform

Recently, we have seen a shift in manufacturers adopting ERP solutions as a centralized platform, rather than separate pieces of software. By creating a single ERP foundation for multiple business entities, manufacturers are able to streamline workflows and boost visibility between the various divisions.

Take Diversified CPC International, for example, an established gas manufacturer and subsidiary of one of the largest, worldwide trading companies, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas. In 2012, Diversified CPC International purchased Diversified Pure Chem but juggling data between the different entities has proven to be quite the challenge.

Diversified CPC, Diversified Pure Chem

“Previously, the businesses worked on two different pieces of platforms, limiting our ability to fully leverage the resources between the two companies,” said Paul Caponigri, CFO of Diversified CPC International.

For many companies with similar structures to Diversified CPC, timely manual labor is needed to secure accurate data and generate required reports for stakeholders. But consider all the resources wasted on these tedious tasks and where they would be better applied within the organization.

To deliver a comprehensive ERP platform to its businesses, Diversified CPC has begun implementing DEACOM ERP. “The investment in DEACOM will provide a platform to support our growth across both Diversified CPC International and Diversified Pure Chem with their rapidly expanding regional locations,” continued Caponigri.

DEACOM ERP’s single-system ERP platform removes external modules and customizations from its structure which are the very things that hindered Diversified CPC’s ability to scale. To do this, Deacom has a dedicated development team who works tirelessly to create new and enhance existing functionality directly within one set of business logic. Therefore, all capabilities live within a single piece of software rather than depending on the performance, features, and support of outside programs.

This cohesive ERP platform is proving to be the ideal structure for businesses with various entities whether they are a parent company, sister company, or just have multiple departments that perform best in a centralized ERP environment. With instant access to real-time data and consistent system training, efficiencies can be realized throughout the entire operations.

“Deacom will help us instill stronger processes and procedures to propel our growth,” continued Caponigri. “By automating processes, streamlining truck routing, and eliminating manual inputs, we are able to reallocate valuable resources towards managing customer relationships and advance order fulfillment.”

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