Combating 6 Common ERP Nightmares

It’s not often that an ERP evaluation project is on the bucket list of manufacturing professionals. But when the right solution is selected, it can be the best decision a business can make. In this article, we will reveal some of the most common ERP nightmares we have heard, and share tips on how you … Continue reading “Combating 6 Common ERP Nightmares”

Unifying Operations with One ERP Platform

Recently, we have seen a shift in manufacturers adopting ERP solutions as a centralized platform, rather than separate pieces of software. By creating a single ERP foundation for multiple business entities, manufacturers are able to streamline workflows and boost visibility between the various divisions. Take Diversified CPC International, for example, an established gas manufacturer and … Continue reading “Unifying Operations with One ERP Platform”

How to Tell If Your ERP Can Handle Pharma Serialization

November 2017 marks an important deadline for pharma manufacturers who need to begin serialization all the way down to the item level. Yes, it may seem like a daunting task but delaying the inevitable can result in poor business decisions come crunch time. Don’t let the pressure get to you.  Start to evaluate your options … Continue reading “How to Tell If Your ERP Can Handle Pharma Serialization”

3 Tools to Help Navigate Contract Manufacturing Challenges

The dynamic nature of the contract manufacturing business has the potential to create chaos on the production floor. When customer forecasts and order volumes shift daily, managers are challenged with juggling production schedules and controlling inventory. Though they may share industry focuses with other pharmaceutical, food, or chemical manufacturers, to name a few, running a … Continue reading “3 Tools to Help Navigate Contract Manufacturing Challenges”

3 Reasons You’re Failing Your CRM

You have a CRM system in place. The database is full of prospects. Sales notes are entered when needed. Weekly reports are generated. Thats all that matters, right? WRONG! A CRM is no small investment so businesses should maximize its value. The challenge is that what they think they are doing right, may actually be what is hindering … Continue reading “3 Reasons You’re Failing Your CRM”

5 Ways to Tell if You Need to Invest in More Production Lines

Congratulations, you just won another new contract. But do you know if you have the production capacity to deliver? Imagine this: Your leading sales rep just knocks on your door announcing another significant piece of contract manufacturing business she has won. After the obligatory “Congratulations,” you sit back down at your desk and the horrifying … Continue reading “5 Ways to Tell if You Need to Invest in More Production Lines”

4 Critical Features of a Manufacturing Ecommerce Site

With the ecommerce market steadily increasing around 14% year after year, a virtual storefront is growing in significance for every business industry – including manufacturing. Accepting sales orders online, whether it is B2B or B2C, has the potential to contribute 8% of sales, according to the US Department of Commerce. In most technical environments, manufacturing … Continue reading “4 Critical Features of a Manufacturing Ecommerce Site”

Eliminating the ERP System Disconnect

ERP systems should keep all areas of the business connected, not disconnected. This manufacturer identified a solution that streamlines communication throughout the entire operations – without modules and customizations. The traditional ERP system model is built upon the idea of bolting together third-party modules to deliver necessary functionality. The challenge of this approach is most … Continue reading “Eliminating the ERP System Disconnect”

Uncovering the True Costs Of ERP Customization

“Customization” is the dirtiest word in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) language. On the surface, customization can seem like a great concept: Should a manufacturer require a unique capability, custom changes to the code can be made to fulfill their needs. Given any issue, customization is indeed the fastest way to solve a problem the … Continue reading “Uncovering the True Costs Of ERP Customization”