DEACOM DISCOVER 2017 User Conference (Video)

This coming April will mark the 12th year in a row that we’ve hosted the DEACOM DISCOVER User Conference. In this video, Scott Deakins, Chief Operating Officer of Deacom, talks about what we’re planning for the upcoming event and what our customers can look forward to throughout the three days. The conference is designed to … Continue reading “DEACOM DISCOVER 2017 User Conference (Video)”

Deacom’s Culture Fuels Growth

Last week, Deacom proudly shared the stage with some of Philadelphia’s most culture-driven businesses at SmartCEO’s Corporate Culture awards event. Once we moved past trying to scheme our way into one of Simeone Automotive Museum’s antique cars, the table games, great food, and inspiring companies provided an incredible environment for celebration. When we asked COO, … Continue reading “Deacom’s Culture Fuels Growth”

Coming Soon: Artisans at Work

We always get asked: “What is it like to work at Deacom?” Well, you’re about to find out in our upcoming Artisans at Work video series. Last week some Deacom Artisans stepped in the spotlight to share what it is like to work at Deacom. These videos are currently in production and will be featured on our brand … Continue reading “Coming Soon: Artisans at Work”

What is Process Control (Video)

In this follow-up video to our first whiteboard session, Why Deacom Exists, Jay Deakins goes into more detail on how Deacom’s ERP software brings process control to its batch and process based customers. The video highlights some of the control points that are required through the entire formulation to shipment process and provides examples of where QC holds can … Continue reading “What is Process Control (Video)”

Why Deacom Exists (Video)

In this whiteboard session, Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO of Deacom, discusses the single-system approach that DEACOM ERP software takes to address the specific needs of batch and process-based manufacturing companies. The video begins by discussing the differences between what discreet manufacturers typically need in an ERP system vs. the more complex requirements of batch … Continue reading “Why Deacom Exists (Video)”

Making an Impact at Deacom (Video)

This video is a portion of a company status update that Jay Deakins, founder and CEO of Deacom, Inc., gave to the team on February 26, 2016. In the clip, Jay discusses a new word that’s been floating around the hallways and is being used to describe Deacom’s culture: “Impactocracy”. Its definition is simple: In … Continue reading “Making an Impact at Deacom (Video)”