Deacom Customer Shorts: Graceland Fruit – Part 2 (Video)

Earlier this month, we posted a series of videos from Kerry Babion of Graceland Fruit. As the Customer Sales and Services Manager for the food manufacturer, Babion spoke about how international shipping documentation, running detailed reports, and processing commissions have improved since implementing DEACOM ERP. Today, we are releasing a new set of videos from Graceland Fruit featuring their plant manager, Mark Dvorski.

Since going live on DEACOM ERP in late 2017, Dvorski has personally seen a significant improvement in the overall plant operations and shares his experiences in this video playlist.

Here are the key topics in each video:

1. Forward and Backward Traceability with DEACOM ERP – Since implementing DEACOM, the business management software has significantly improved the ability for Graceland Fruit to track their inventory – all the way down to the individual tote. This is in large part due to Deacom’s functionality and data being kept within the core system.

In this video, Dvorski speaks about the overall convenience of Deacom’s software: “I can be anywhere in the facility, hop onto a computer and get all the information that I need. With our old system, I had to be logged onto a specific computer to access the information that I needed. So, to me, that’s huge!”

2. Resolving Production Issues with DEACOM ERP – In this video, Dvorski talks about some of the challenges the food manufacturer faced with their legacy ERP system when trying to fix mistakes.

“I would set a report to run when I left work and hopefully by the time I came back to work the next day,” said Dvorski. “Now, [with DEACOM] within seconds I have the information. I am able to track down exactly what person made the mistake from the “History Reports” and resolve those issues quickly.”

By having this critical information within minutes (not hours), the company can react quickly to what could potentially be very costly mistakes.

3. Location Specific Inventory Control with DEACOM ERP – Before implementing DEACOM, Graceland Fruit had many challenges surrounding inventory control. Shop Floor Relief by Location has been one of the most exciting elements of DEACOM that Graceland Fruit has implemented to help resolve these issues. Now, they can take their inventory control to a specific shop location and manage their inventory at those specific locations more efficiently than ever before.

Due to its ease of use, Graceland’s production team was able to adopt DEACOM equipped WMS scanners very quickly. What had previously taken up to three separate scans, now only requires one. This saves a significant amount of time while drastically reducing the potential for mistakes to be made.

“To me, it’s made my job a whole lot easier and it will make our company stronger,” said Dvorski.

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