Deacom Customer Shorts: Graceland Fruit – Part 1 (Video)

We recently sat down with Kerry Babion of Graceland Fruit to learn about some of the business improvements the food manufacturer has realized since implementing DEACOM ERP. Some of the things we talked about included how they are handling international shipping document generation, the speed in which detailed reports are now run, and the time it takes to process commissions.

In the first video of the above playlist, Babion describes the challenges of shipping to 52 different countries – most of which surround documentation. Before implementing DEACOM, much of the process was done outside their ERP system causing frustration and wasted time. Since implementing the software, the food processor has been able to automatically generate all the necessary documents directly within the platform. This has been a significant improvement in their operations and helped drive overall efficiency.

In the second short, Babion goes on to talk about the speed in which detailed reports need to be run, especially in relation to their international business. Reports generated not only provide greater visibility into their overall operations but are much easier to design and build by including the specific details of their operations that management requires.

In the final short video, she talks about the arduous procedure that previously existed for processing commissions. What had taken 3-4 days to accomplish has now been cut down to just a couple hours – a result of centralized business logic that resides within Deacom’s ERP platform.

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