Looking Ahead to the 2018 DEACOM Discover User Conference

Our annual user conference is now in its 13th year and with so many new things happening, this one is already shaping up to be a good one! With just a couple months to go, we wanted to sit down with some of our artisans and get their take on the conference. So, we turned on our cameras and asked them to talk about the conference, what they think our customers get out of it, and what keeps members of the Deacom community coming back year after year.

Here is a snapshot of what they had to say and some highlights from last year’s events.

One of the questions we asked all our artisans was, “What would you tell a customer who might still be on the fence about coming to the conference?”. Here are some of our favorite answers…

“Keep in mind, that under all of it – the chance to meet folks, collaborate with fellow users, and socialize with team members from Deacom – This is the software that’s running your business. So just like you might have all kinds of projects to help move your business forward, this is one of your largest investments as a company. It really does pay to see what’s new with the software, how others in your industry are using it, and to learn how you can leverage the ERP system to help your bottom line.”
– Jack Lacey, Solutions Architect

“You should definitely come to the conference. You’re going to make new connections, both with folks from Deacom as well as with other customers of Deacom that may or may not be from your same industry. Getting customers from different industries together has a huge benefit to attendees. It gives them opportunities to see how they are using the ERP system, which often sparks interesting conversations and ideas around applying it in their own processes.”
– Chris Conroy, Sr. Solutions Architect

“Coming to the conference is such a great investment for people to make. There’s going to be things that you may not know are coming soon with the software, people you may never meet by not coming to the conference, and a unique ability to fully understand how to use the software. Attendees have a lot of time throughout the week to communicate with Deacom team members to help position themselves to grow and evolve with the system.”
– Amanda Goodman, Lead Product Consultant

“The conference provides an opportunity to get together with other DEACOM users and sanity check your questions with the rest of the user base. Many times, you’ll find that the problems or questions you’re having are similar to the types of things other customers have had. You get to realize, ‘Ok this isn’t just me, it’s a topic that is common within the industry.’ It gives us the opportunity to dive deeper to determine if it is something that we at Deacom can help you solve.”
– Paul Heinmiller, Sr. Solutions Architect

No matter the individual, the most common responses we received about attending the conference included: having our customers strategize with each other and our own teams here at Deacom, build relationships with others, and learn new things about the software. The conference has historically been a great way to broaden your understanding of DEACOM and along the way, make new connections that will further benefit you as you continue to use the software.

Registration for the conference is still open and continues until the end of March.

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