A Sneak Peek of Some New DEACOM DISCOVER Sessions

Each DEACOM DISCOVER User Conference welcomes new attendees, industry developments, regulatory changes, and software advancements. There is always something new for us to tackle in our various workshops offered throughout the week. This year is no different. In fact, we are introducing a new series of sessions that are less software-focused, and more success-focused.

Here’s what you need to know about some of these sessions:

Keys to Successful Projects – Tuesday (4/17) @ 9am 

Speakers: Doug Dinwoodie, Process Engineering Manager, and Steve Harris, Project Controller

Those customers currently in, or getting ready to kick off, implementation, will definitely want to attend this session. Our experienced presenters will be sharing some of the best tips and valuable case studies to help you achieve overall success with the project. You’ll leave the session with answers to questions like: What is the best way to train employees? Are we doing this right? How can I get internal buy-in? How can we make it to the implementation finish line?

Growing with Deacom – Tuesday (4/17) @ 1:15pm

Speakers: Matt Miller, Customer Success Manager, and Mark Mazich, Support Manager

During implementation, there is a lot of collaboration between the customer and Deacom team. The good news: That doesn’t end once your company is live on the software. Ongoing customer success is just as important to us as getting you up and running on the software. The “Growing with Deacom” session is designed to help you determine what type of post-implementation support is best for your company to realize long-term success with DEACOM.

Bringing Better Data into DEACOM – Thursday (4/19) @ 9am

Speakers: Denise Mruskovic, Data Manager, and Doug Dinwoodie, Process Engineering Manager

If you are in implementation, make sure someone on your team attends this class! Pulling and validating data from your legacy system can be one of the most time-consuming challenges of the implementation process. In this workshop, Deacom’s experts will share some of the best tips and techniques for making data conversion as simple and stress-free as possible.

Best Practices for Upgrading DEACOM – Thursday (4/19) @10:45am

Speakers: Nancy Garges, Technical Support Lead, and Carmen Barron, Product Specialist

Working within such a dynamic industry challenges us to evolve the software at a pace that keeps our customers competitive in their own markets. That said, customers should strive to keep their system updated to ensure the newest functionality is supporting their business. If you are thinking about upgrading your Deacom environment in the near future, this session will help you avoid common mistakes and help you prepare for the project.

Recruiting & Growing Employees – Thursday (4/19) @10:45am

Speakers: Melissa Richardson, Hiring Manager, and Matt Bergey, Hiring Associate

Each year at the User Conference, our team is asked about the strategies we use when hiring our artisans. It’s a tricky question to answer as each year, the market for talent gets more challenging. Our hiring team has spent the last few years perfecting our process with creative strategies that break through the noise of the job market. Many of these can be carried over into the hiring practices of our manufacturing and distribution customers. In this session, they will share these tactics and help you optimize your hiring strategy to attract the best talent on the market.

To see the full list of workshops offered throughout the week, visit DEACOM DISCOVER’s website. Don’t forget that there are only a few more weeks to save up to $300 on your registration.

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