How Deacom Answers the Unique Challenges of the Food and Beverage Industry

Food and beverage manufacturers face unique challenges and their ERP solution should be designed to handle those specific needs. DEACOM ERP provides a robust suite of functionality designed specifically for those in the food and beverage industry and keeps all capabilities native to the main system. With this ERP system, users can take advantage of:

  • Creating new recipes and bill of materials directly within the ERP solution. This ensures any changes made here are properly and automatically reflected throughout the product’s life cycle.
  • Establishing very specific rules that food and beverage manufactures have to deal with directly from within the Item Master. This includes catch weight, lot tracking, serialization, and unique customer requirements.
  • Building pricing rules and structures for finished goods that are being sold to customers.
  • Leveraging EDI capabilities directly within DEACOM.
  • Accepting B2B and B2C sales through a native ecommerce portal. Inventory counts and planning are then automatically adjusted to reflect the transaction.
  • Establishing quality specifications or critical control points that you may have based on regulatory requirements
  • Automatically generating documents at the time of shipping.
  • Tracking lots forward and backward.
  • Using Business Intelligence to quickly see the health of the entire organization or specific departments. DEACOM’S BI provides full drill-down capabilities into any graphs or grids to gain a more detailed understanding of what is going on within the business.

In this video, Amanda Goodman, Product Consultant at Deacom, dives deeper into these benefits and shows exactly how DEACOM ERP fulfills these needs.’

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