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“No matter the industry, mobile is continuing to drive efficiencies within business, and we’re seeing the adoption rate continue to grow in the process manufacturing segment,” said Scott Deakins, COO of Deacom, Inc.

In a world where instant gratification and the need to always be “connected” is so prominent in personal life, it should be no different in the workplace. Manufacturing professionals aren’t spending their days sitting at a computer desk. They’re on the production floor finishing a run, visiting a client to generate sales, or out delivering the latest order.

Accessibility is more critical than ever before and when done correctly in Manufacturing, businesses will see a significant impact on operations and level of customer service.

Distribution and sales divisions tend to rely on mobile the most as these are the employees most often working offsite. That said, we have recently rolled out new updates to DEACOM Mobile which includes improved capabilities for these two areas:


  • Inventory Staging – Use the mobile DSD system to stage inventory before moving to the truck location. Taking advantage of extra time before trucks arrive will strengthen delivery processes.
  • Onsite Returns – Provide a new level of customer service by accepting returns onsite. Delivery personnel can now complete this process mobile DSD platform as needed.
  • End-of-Day Reports – Create route summary reports at the end of each day to be accessed within DSD or printed and signed by the delivery personnel. Details including which orders and inventory were delivered, how many returns were completed, what orders are waitingDeacom Mobile App - Sales Order Template to be invoiced, and which payments were received, can all be detailed in these reports.


  • Order Entry Templates – Speed up order entries by creating templates for sales representatives to use when submitting new orders.

Previously, a mobile version of DEACOM was only available on Apple iOS but we are excited to now offer it to all Android users. Since DEACOM Mobile shares the same code as the main ERP application, customers on the move will always have access to critical, real-time data. Some of the existing capabilities of the app include: running any report or dashboard, drilling down into these reports, managing the CRM, and submitting sales orders.

DEACOM Mobile users can install/update the newest version of the mobile app for Apple iOS and Android today.

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