3 Reasons You’re Failing Your CRM

You have a CRM system in place. The database is full of prospects. Sales notes are entered when needed. Weekly reports are generated. Thats all that matters, right? WRONG!

A CRM is no small investment so businesses should maximize its value. The challenge is that what they think they are doing right, may actually be what is hindering results.

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those standard “CRM 101” articles. Instead, we thought it would be more interesting if we shed light on mistakes users are making and how to fix them. As you read this, take note of what you and your organization may be guilty of and take action against being in a CRM disadvantage.

1. The Problem: Not using it – The biggest challenge of CRM is getting people to adopt it. Sales representatives often consider the platform to be more of a chore when managers only use the system to generate reports. In order to encourage sales representatives to use it, management must live it.

The Fix: Set up alerts when changes to accounts are made and use the new details to coach representatives on next steps. Shifting the CRM perception away from a “chore” and towards a “tool” will help reveal its value for team members. If the current CRM cannot handle the business’s individual needs, talk to the provider about making changes and get the most out of the investment.

2. The Problem: Scheduling pitches – No one wants to be “sold” to on a regular basis but regular touch points will keep you on the top of their mind. Take a more friendly approach to build trust and avoid those spam filters.

The Fix: Take advantage of the “next action” fields of your CRM to be reminded of when a new touch point needs to be made. Sharing industry news or interesting business articles will show a true interest in their success beyond your product/service. Your internal CRM can be used to manage a library of these resources to share with prospects.

3. The Problem: Being immobile – We live in a digital world and if you cannot access your CRM in real-time via table or smartphone, it is failing you. Most sales representatives are constantly moving between meetings, conferences, and trade shows which doesn’t leave much opportunity to sit down at a PC to update an account.

The Fix: Providing a higher level of access to account details via mobile will ensure they are always prepared and working on the next opportunity. Whether they source a call while in a taxi or run into a prospect at a networking event, everything they need should be accessible in the palm of their hands.

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