The Power of Supply Chain Visibility with Deacom ERP

As global supply chain issues continue to disrupt the market, supply chain visibility for manufacturers is no longer a nice-to-have but rather a must-have. By using native MRP functionality within the Deacom ERP system, companies can make better decisions as to what they need to purchase and produce, in order to meet fluctuating demands.

Using historical information that lives within Deacom, customers can see as far back as they would like and use that data to create a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly forecast with algorithms, as far into the future as necessary. Once forecasts are created, companies can make adjustments to the forecast with various algorithms (un-changed, linear regression, moving average, or weighted moving average).  Additionally, companies can define if the forecast is part of their demand planning within MRP, or just to use it for sales and/or financial reporting.

When forecasts are created and maintained in Deacom, they drive down into the native MRP demand planning tool. This can provide additional insight into the direct demand of a finished good as well as indirect demands related to purchasing requirements and production requirements that companies have. This eliminates common limitations around only seeing purchasing demands based on production work orders and gives quicker visibly into company needs based on indirect data that is driven by a forecast of a finished good.

Deacom’s MRP demand planning tool allows users to drill into the demands to see the sources and create purchase orders, facility transfers, or manufacturing jobs within the tool, which can all be based on the forecast demand data that was created through algorithms of the historical data.

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