What it Means to be Part of ECI Software Solutions

Deacom joined forces with ECI Software Solutions in the Fall of 2021, filling an important space in ECI’s product lineup. With a long legacy in serving discrete and made-to-order manufacturers, ECI invested in Deacom to be the company’s global ERP platform for batch and process manufacturing companies.

“Since Deacom is already a superior player in batch and process, it allows ECI to move into an adjacent vertical within manufacturing where that core competence did not previously exist,” said Matt Heerey, President of ECI’s Manufacturing Division. “Deacom also brings a strong team and specialized business model that yields a multitude of opportunities for growth. What this means is that Deacom is now the cornerstone of ECI’s expansion into batch and process, not just on a vertical level but also a global one.”

As part of ECI’s Manufacturing Division, Deacom is able to leverage additional resources that continue to drive growth for the company and software. This includes cloud and internationalization initiatives.

Cloud Innovation

ECI Software Solutions invests millions of dollars annually in tools and team members to carry out their mission of being a “Leader in Cloud Solutions.” This enables all Deacom customers to not only leverage the existing benefits of Deacom’s Managed Cloud Services, but also those that come with ECI’s cloud investments which include:

  • Heightened Security Measures – With a large team of dedicated information security experts, customers are able to leverage 24×7 security monitoring and protection for their ERP cloud environment.
  • Best-in-Class Strategic Partnerships – Through partnerships with industry leaders like Crowdstrike, Azure, and AWS, Deacom customers are provided a world-class cloud experience.

Global and Expanding Presence

Together, Deacom and ECI provides a strong presence across four continents (North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia). This opens up great opportunities for customers looking for a local presence to help manage and implement their ERP in these geographies.

The more that Deacom and ECI grow and strengthen the DEACOM ERP product, the more value there is to all customers no matter where they are located.

What Are Others Saying?

“Over the past 20 years, we have heavily invested in both DEACOM and ECI’s M1 solution. We currently run DEACOM globally and M1 in North America for our Coating Application Divisions. We are confident that the synergies gained with ECI’s acquisition of Deacom will result in opportunities for integration between platforms and overall operational benefits with better intracompany information management.”

Paul Sheffer, CIO of The Magni Group, a Deacom Customer Since 2006

“Adding Deacom to the mix seems to be a good way to augment their past acquisitions of other manufacturing systems like Macola and JobBOSS, which are two systems that tend to focus on smaller manufacturers. Deacom is a solid addition for their more midmarket clients and gives Deacom the financial and R&D backing of a major player in the enterprise software industry.”

Eric Kimberling, CEO and Founder of Third Stage Consulting Group

“ECI is expected to develop Deacom as its process manufacturing play, which is beneficial for existing Deacom customers, who have less to worry about, now that ECI will likely be expediting the roadmap for upgrades to feature functionality.”

Shawn Windle, Founder and Managing Principal of ERP Advisors Group

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