Simplifying Multi-Company and Multi-Facility Consolidation

The complexity of a multi-company and/or multi-facility company can make your head spin. The sheer number of independent databases and systems required to generate a consolidated report can lead to an incredible amount of wasted time to ensure data is accurate and consistent.

What if this could all be eliminated? No, not the reporting, but the juggling between systems and guesswork around what information is accurate. By moving away from a combination of systems and towards a comprehensive ERP environment, manufacturing and distribution companies can see incredible impacts on their operational efficiencies.

By using a single database and login, companies can gain a big-picture understanding of overall business performance and help standardize processes across every business entity and facility. When done correctly, the ability to scale the company is streamlined and much easier to manage over time.

Deacom customers have the advantage of a single software system with flexible, scalable configuration options including:

  • Multiple companies on one campus location.
  • Multiple facilities reporting as one company.
  • Multiple companies in multiple facilities.

DEACOM provides users with optimal data accuracy for both internal and external reporting across entities, as well as drill-down/roll-up capabilities from the production floor through to the management office. By centralizing all data and removing the need for bolt-ons, users are able to leverage a single user login, interface, development process, and support team.

Scaling Through Consolidation

Growing your business requires your ERP software to be highly scalable. When opening a new facility or acquiring a new company, Deacom enables companies to:

  • Create GL overrides to seamlessly configure the relationship among the existing facilities/locations both operationally and within the chart of accounts.
  • Specify the system security permissions of personnel who are shared (or not) among each company/facility.
  • Standardize data across multiple facilities and/or companies.

These processes allow you to rest easy with the assurance that your new location is set up with proper accounting, operational consistency, and accurate formulations.

Other Benefits of Multi-Company/Facility Consolidating with DEACOM ERP

DEACOM users are often found to be more productive, spending less time on tedious work like managing separate reporting packages. For example, when working with inter-company transactions in DEACOM, eliminations happen automatically and without the need for any human interference or bolt-on reporting systems.

It is also common for companies to waste valuable resources on converting each division’s information into the consolidated corporate format for parent companies. Every department has the information they need – down to the product’s lot level – to collaborate with other groups within the organization and provide external compliance and customer information. This is done through:

  • A multi-entity chart of accounts, inventory management, accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Simple processes for inter-company transfers and cross-facility orders that book elimination entries to ensure each company’s financials stay in balance.
  • Lot tracing capability across entities for materials and finished goods.
  • A native reporting tool.

An organization’s agility, scalability, and efficiency depend on team members from the board room down to the production floor having real-time operational and financial data. This enables everyone to anticipate and adapt to quickly changing business opportunities. Companies with multiple legal entities and/or facilities benefit from a single system ERP that offers native reporting capabilities for consolidated financials. DEACOM ERP has the flexibility and scalability to help you spend less time reconciling disparate systems and more time focusing on strategically growing the business.

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