Deacom Discover: What’s New for 2020?

Each year, we try to shake things up at the User Conference to keep things interesting for returning attendees and elevate what worked best in previous years. After all, how boring would it be if you went to the same conference, that talked about the same subjects in the same way, and did the same activities every year? No, thank you!

Last year we made big waves by moving the event into downtown Philly and launching our conference mobile application. Both changes received incredible feedback, so we are excited to keep the conference at the Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing and will be launching the 2020 app as we get closer to the conference date… stay tuned!

So, what’s planned for this year?

Ask the Expert Sessions

We are very excited about this one! To accompany a new staggered lunch schedule, we will be offering 30-minute Ask the Expert sessions, each focused on important themes like production, accounting, building an implementation team, and much more. In these sessions, Deacom experts will address some of the hottest topics relating to software best practices, industry changes, and regulatory news. This is an incredible opportunity to share what is important to you as a manufacturer and DEACOM user while learning how Deacom plans to help you move the needle forward.

When registering, keep in mind that these sessions are offered during lunch so you will want to select one lunch and one Ask the Expert session each day. Since we don’t want you to miss out on a session you find is critical to your role but also don’t want you to skip a meal, we are offering each Ask the Expert Session twice throughout the week. Leading up to the conference, attendees will receive a survey to share insight and perspectives on the session’s subject. The responses will help drive the conversation of the session.

Bigger TechLabs

Last year, most of our TechLabs sold out… fast! In order to keep up with demand, we are doubling the size and encouraging users to bring their own computers to test out real-world scenarios.

If you have not previously attended Deacom Discover and TechLabs are a new concept to you, you’ll want to try to get one of these on your schedule this year! The Deacom team creates topic-specific scenarios – often ones that are brought to light in other sessions – for users to try in test environments. With Deacom experts floating around the room to provide support, customers are able to successfully navigate critical business scenarios within a DEACOM environment. This provides the tools and confidence to easily start implementing new processes as soon as they return to the office.

Dave & Buster’s

On the first night of the conference (Tuesday), we like to treat our customers to a fun night out. After hours of software workshops and strategy sessions, the opportunity to get out of the hotel and relax is well-earned. This year, we’re asking customers to channel their inner child and join us at Dave & Buster’s for some video games, billiards, cornhole, Jenga, and shuffleboard. Oh, and drinks and food will be in full supply! It’s a great opportunity to network with Deacom experts and industry peers in a more casual environment.

Registration Accounts

During registration, you may notice that you are asked to create a password. This password and the email address you provide during the process, give you full control over your own agenda. For example, if you have already registered but this amazing blog post convinced you that you cannot live without a TechLab in your schedule, you can log in to your account and make the necessary adjustments.

So, what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking on Early Bird registration and your chance to save up to $300!

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