Forecasting Production Capacity in DEACOM (Video)


I recently sat down with Sheridan Bulger, Deacom’s development and support manager, to get a behind-the-scenes look at a new production forecasting enhancement being built into our ERP software.

As he explains in the video, DEACOM has had the ability to do forecasting from a sales perspective for quite some time. Showing a beer production schedule as an example, we see the sales of particular lines for the next six months. From a production standpoint there’s a lot of information around the formulation and equipment usage that goes into determining what needs to be used, when it needs to be used, and for how many hours it needs to be used for. The new reports available in DEACOM show the availability of that equipment, its usage, and capacity percentage month over month – providing a huge amount of insight into your entire production schedule.

And even though we’re using beer as the example, the capability is applicable across all process manufacturers who have to forecast the production capacity required to meet the changing demands for their products.

The video goes into talking about how the enhancement was developed in our ERP software using many of the components that already existed within the system. That makes a big impact on cutting down the time it takes to develop a functionality like this, even though there’s a lot of computational programming that is required to go into it.

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