Deacom’s Remote ERP Implementation Strategies

Deacom continuously evaluates its implementation approach to ensure that the best plan is in place to meet the needs of current and future customers. Recent world events have turned Deacom’s remote implementation model into a necessity.

The Deacom team has been completing successful remote ERP implementation work since 1995. Process engineering, data conversion, and end-user training activities have historically been completed by the Deacom team virtually. However, there are three aspects of a Deacom ERP implementation that are traditionally done onsite at the customer’s facility which include the project kickoff, conference room pilots, and go-live support.

Our team has created new, fully remote approaches to these three processes that will drive success for both current and future customers.

Project Kickoff

The project kickoff is the opportunity for the Deacom and customer teams to meet, understand existing business processes and challenges, learn each other’s languages, and establish a detailed project plan. The Deacom team has successfully hosted remote project kickoffs using the following approach:

  • Face-to-Face Virtual Meetings: The Deacom project manager will establish a series of short one-on-one meetings via a webcam to introduce all project team members to each other and establish working relationships.
  • Functional Area Review Meetings: Deacom’s typical project kickoff is two to three days long and dives into the details of existing business processes and the challenges that individual team members may face. The Deacom team has seen success in breaking up the kickoff into shorter sessions that span over multiple days to drive focus and ensure that team members have time to tackle day-to-day business challenges that may arise. The Deacom project manager will work to set up a schedule tailored to the individual needs and goals of a customer.
  • Remote Warehouse and Production Tour: A major part of the kickoff is understanding the physical warehouse and production processes at each customer facility. The Deacom team is now working with customers to coordinate virtual tours of all facilities using camera-enabled tablets.

Conference Room Pilots

A conference room pilot is the validation of the new business processes within the new ERP platform. Business processes are simulated by executing the new ERP standard operating procedures (SOPs). Deacom will be incorporating the following changes to conference room pilots when either customer or Deacom team members are not available to be onsite:

  • Virtual Screen Share: The conference room pilot will be conducted via a screen share so that all remote attendees can view the current process and comment as needed.
  • Daily Project Management Virtual Touch Points: The Deacom project manager will touch base with the customer’s key stakeholders to review the successes and challenges encountered during the conference room pilot.

Go-Live Support

Go-live is when business processing begins in the new ERP system. Following the successful remote cutover of data, the Deacom team supports the customer by assisting team members with completing transactions or troubleshooting concerns. Some examples of adaptations that Deacom is making to support customer go-lives remotely are:

  • Support Hotline: The Deacom team will use a support hotline to troubleshoot and log all issues that arise. The Deacom team has seen success using a remote screen share meeting that all key customer team members have access to join as needed. Questions and issues that arise can be solved in a timely manner to ensure business continuity.
  • Functional Area Check-Ins: The Deacom team will establish a remote meeting with each functional area owner to review the health of their functional area. Metrics such as production throughput and shipping throughput will be reviewed to ensure the teams are on target with the go-live goals.
  • Daily Project Management Virtual Touch Points: The Deacom project manager will touch base with the customer’s key stakeholders on a daily basis to review the health of the go-live. This includes reviewing a prioritized top-10 punch list, the status of each functional area, and open project risks.

These changes are just examples of how Deacom is evolving its implementation approach to fit the ever-changing world. All customers are different and the Deacom team can tailor a remote implementation approach to fit any customer’s unique business needs.