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In an ever-connected business world such as today, streamlining quality control is more important than ever to satisfy your global customers. The more vital and complex the materials you are handling, the more critical quality becomes as they can be the difference between a happy customer and a disappointed one. To ensure quality standards are met, tests can be rigorous and become quite burdensome for employees who are entering the results. Thus, in DEACOM version 16.03, we have introduced Default QC Values that will allow your workflow to remain seamless and convenient.

Users can assign default values to certain quality control processes by navigating to Inventory > Maintenance > Quality Control Groups and selecting the desired group.

For example, the below images show that I chose the quality control tests used on “Beverage” for a fictional company. The assigned tests are Final Weight per Gallon, pH, and Viscosity. While pH and Viscosity are measurements that can make or break the product and should be carefully checked each batch, perhaps the weight does not need to be as strict. Often times, manufacturers only need exact weight measurements for specific storage and transportation needs. In this case, if I know that the expected weight of the components I am using is typically around 14.8 lbs, I can enter that into the new Default Value field.

Now, every time we create a job using a part that contains this QC group, the value will be entered preemptively into the Value field when entering the test results. This is shown below:

IMPORTANT: Setting a default quality control value will not mark the test as completed, but rather fills in the assumed Default Value in the entry field. As you can imagine, this new feature in DEACOM allows valuable time to be saved when entering multiple results, some (or many) of which may not be applicable to that particular batch. With this new feature, you will never be tangled up in tricky standards again when producing your high-quality products!

DEACOM USERS ONLY: For more information about Quality Control Tests, visit DEACOM Help System:

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