Deacom Wall of Fame

How much do you really know your coworkers? You may sit next to them every day but never uncover what makes them so unique.

To have a little fun around the holidays, we decided to unveil some of our artisans’ most impressive accomplishments and hobbies. For those that know the team, can you guess who they are?

Smarty-Pants – Seriously, they’re brilliant!
  • Co-invented five US patents including one for a headset to measure brainwaves and another to correlate brainwaves to stimuli.
  • Earned Lifetime Achievement Award because of his pioneering designs for scuba diving computers.
  • Is fluent in three languages (English, French, Dutch) and conversational in Spanish.
Who ever said gaming would never pay the bills?
  • Played a video game in front of 120,000 people
  • Professional Call of Duty player for 3 years
We take beer very seriously.
  • Put their skills to the test and make some of the best homebrews we’ve ever had! (3 Artisans)
  • “Tastes” beer professionally as a BJCP-Certified beer judge.
  • Grows his own hops for his personal homebrews.
Living the entrepreneurial life.
  • Owned a residential and commercial security alarm company.
  • Started a business creating and designing programs, cards, flyers, and wellness products.
  • Launched a company that replaces Styrofoam productions with completely non-toxic, biodegradable alternatives.
There’s no horsing around.
  • Owns an ex-racehorse that is the great grandson of the Secretariat.
  • Won multiple awards for Barrel Horse Racing as a teenager.
You don’t want to challenge these artisans.
  • Ranked nationally in Tennis.
  • Swam for the Olympic school.
  • Was part of the Junior Olympics for Epee Fencing.
  • Bowled five, 300 games – and #6 is right around the corner.
  • Earned the title of 2009 Kildare’s Wing Eating Champion – this is a sport to us!
  • Is a district champion softball coach.
We’re not afraid to step into the limelight.
  • Been in national commercials for beer and NASCAR. (2 artisans)
  • Has been on the Today Show twice.
  • Starred as a Penguin in a Disney World Parade.
Musical Geniuses.
  • Plays the oboe in both a band and orchestra.
  • Opened for Edwin-McCain.
  • Played the bass on TV and recorded at Royal Studios.
Laughing in the face of danger.
  • Jumped off one of the highest canyons in the world.
  • Conquered their fear of heights by jumping out of planes. (3 artisans)

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