Deacom’s Culture Fuels Growth

Last week, Deacom proudly shared the stage with some of Philadelphia’s most culture-driven businesses at SmartCEO’s Corporate Culture awards event. Once we moved past trying to scheme our way into one of Simeone Automotive Museum’s antique cars, the table games, great food, and inspiring companies provided an incredible environment for celebration. When we asked COO, … Continue reading “Deacom’s Culture Fuels Growth”

Artisan Spotlight: Matt Riesenbach, ERP Product Specialist

Drumroll please… And our newest Artisan of the Month is: Matt Riesenbach, ERP Product Specialist! Matt has proven to be one of the best examples of a team player. Always willing to lend a helping hand to get projects off the ground or keep on track, no task is too small or difficult for Matt to … Continue reading “Artisan Spotlight: Matt Riesenbach, ERP Product Specialist”

Artisan Spotlight: Chris Conroy, Senior Solutions Architect

The votes are in and the bobblehead has been completed. Nominated by their fellow Deacom artisans, September’s Artisan of the month is… Chris Conroy, Senior Solutions Architect! Since joining the team nearly 10 years ago, Chris has played a significant role in helping Deacom get to where we are today. Each day he continues to make … Continue reading “Artisan Spotlight: Chris Conroy, Senior Solutions Architect”

Coming Soon: Artisans at Work

We always get asked: “What is it like to work at Deacom?” Well, you’re about to find out in our upcoming Artisans at Work video series. Last week some Deacom Artisans stepped in the spotlight to share what it is like to work at Deacom. These videos are currently in production and will be featured on our brand … Continue reading “Coming Soon: Artisans at Work”

Artisan Spotlight: Denise Mruskovic, Lead Data Conversion Specialist

Last month, we introduced a new blog series called the “Artisan Spotlight” which introduces the newest Artisan of the Month. Nominated by their Deacom peers, these professionals are successfully making a difference in not just Deacom’s business, but also our customers. Last month, we introduced a new blog series called the “Artisan Spotlight” which introduces … Continue reading “Artisan Spotlight: Denise Mruskovic, Lead Data Conversion Specialist”

Why Deacom’s Culture is Award Winning

A strong company culture is the foundation of business success and Deacom is honored to receive SmartCEO’s 2016 Corporate Culture award. So what makes our culture different? It all started more than 20 years ago when Deacom’s Founder and CEO, Jay Deakins, had the idea to redefine how ERP software is developed. While pursuing the concept of … Continue reading “Why Deacom’s Culture is Award Winning”

Artisan Spotlight: Zachary Hussong, Software Developer

Each month, the Deacom team members nominate one of their own to be the Artisan of the Month. These professionals have performed above and beyond to make a true impact on the company’s software, business, and customers. We are excited to announce that the July Artisan of the Month was Zachary Hussong, a Software Developer … Continue reading “Artisan Spotlight: Zachary Hussong, Software Developer”

5 Characteristics of a Deacom Artisan

We are often asked, “What is a Deacom Artisan?”. To us, it isn’t just a fancy word for “employee,” but rather the perfect definition for who our team members are and what they represent. As artisans, we are forward thinkers, passionate about crafting new and innovative strategies to improve our software, drive the success of … Continue reading “5 Characteristics of a Deacom Artisan”

ERP Performance – Retrieving Data and The Mailbox Example (Video)

In this 2nd excerpt from an internal programming discussion on Deacom’s ERP software, Jay Deakins talks about the impact that retrieving data out of the database has on performance. The mailbox example he provides is a great analogy for a way to improve the structure of data retrieval within the system. The full transcription follows: … Continue reading “ERP Performance – Retrieving Data and The Mailbox Example (Video)”