DEACOM DISCOVER 2017 Details Revealed!

Today is a big day for the Deacom team and community: the release of DEACOM DISCOVER 2017 details. Every year, attendees look forward to this 3-day user conference to hear about new software developments, network with industry peers, strategize with Deacom experts, and learn about the future plans for the software company. Plus, we put our go-kart, bowling, and laser tag skills to the test. Psst – we’ve been practicing!

In past years, most attendees rave about the value they get out of interacting with other DEACOM users at the user conference – no matter what type of company they are.

“I’ve been coming to Deacom’s conference for five years now and one of the biggest takeaways has been getting to know my fellow DEACOM users and their companies,” said Noah Wallace, CIO of Silver Spring Foods. “We may not do the same things as a paint manufacturing company, for example, but the reality is that we do have commonalities. The conference has been a great opportunity to share experiences so we can learn and gain efficiencies within our own organization.”

Here is what else you can expect from the conference:

  • CEO Keynote: Jay Deakins will reflect on the past year and give a sneak peek into what users can expect in the upcoming one.
  • 25 Training Sessions: With workshops covering Sales, Production, Accounting, Sales & Accounting, and Sales & Production areas, attendees are sure to find the right topics for them.
  • Round Table Sessions: As one of the conference highlights, round table sessions will spark conversation about the industry’s hottest topics and trends.
  • Networking: The Deacom team is coordinating exciting events for Tuesday and Wednesday night of the conference including a Customer Appreciation Dinner and Game Night!

Unique to this year, 1:1 sessions will be held the day before the conference. This way, customers can attend all their desired conference sessions. Taking place at Deacom’s Headquarters (601 Lee Rd, Chesterbrook, PA 19087), those interested in are required to sign up during registration and provide their topic of choice.

More details about the conference can be found on the DEACOM DISCOVER website. Make sure you join the conversation by using hashtag #DEACOMDISCOVER!

See you there!

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