Deacom HQ: From Construction Zone to “Bigger, Nicer, and More Secure”

Deacom’s impressive headquarters is attracting media attention.

Last November, Natalie Kostelni from the Philadelphia Business Journal to took a tour of Deacom. This tour was not just of our office space but a journey starting from the basement where Deacom, Inc. was founded in 1995, through the construction zone of our soon-to-be new headquarters.

Fast-forward seven months, Natalie stopped by to see the finished product. In her July 11th article, she noted that one of Deacom’s most impressive improvements to the headquarters is the robust security. The article notes, “Jay Deakins, founder of the software company, was intent on making sure that not only were his employees safe but any proprietary information that one of Decom’s clients may have provided was also secure.”

Below are some of the high-tech security features of the facility:

  • Automatic Locks – The doors of Deacom HQ are locked 24/7/365 and only accessible to employees with ID access. Visitors are required to ring a doorbell and confirm their reason for the visit before being let into the building.
  • CCTV Cameras – These security cameras record up to 365 days of consistent full motion video. Stored not only at our physical location but also in the cloud, footage can be retrieved and viewed remotely. Five of these cameras are infrared (night vision).
  • 48 Zone Burglar/Fire Access Control System – Monitored with cellular technology, appropriate contacts and authorities can always be reached should an unexpected entry be detected.
  • Locked Server Room – Only four people with specific clearances can access Deacom’s highly-secure server room.

Additionally, the addition of an impressive lobby area, collaboration spaces, large cafeteria, substantial boardroom, and ping pong table complete the headquarters.

Kostelni also noted that “Deakins believes he accomplished some of his other goals with the space among which was to make a good first impression with clients and prospective employees.”

To see the full article and photo gallery, click here.

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