Breaking Free of Outdated Food Manufacturing Software

Take action to prevent your food manufacturing business from getting stuck in old technology.

Today, many manufacturers find themselves operating with the same ERP software they did a decade ago – maybe even longer. But life was different then: the company was much smaller, the product line was a fraction of the size, consumer demands have shifted, and regulatory requirements have grown. Now businesses are finding that their legacy ERP system is inflexible and running on old technology. Keeping up and adjusting to changes seems nearly impossible but a leading food manufacturing company has found the answer.

Van Drunen logo - food manufacturing softwareVan Drunen Farms was determined to break free of their old ERP solution before it was too late. “As we continue to grow, accurate and timely information is becoming more critical for making strong, strategic decisions. The costly consequences of outgrowing our ERP system were in sight and an inevitable reality if we continued with our legacy system,” said Kevin Van Drunen, President of Van Drunen Farms.

The Van Drunen team began the search to find a new food manufacturing software that would empower their growth and eliminate the chances of running into a similar road block in another ten years. They selected DEACOM ERP. “Van Drunen is future-proofed with Deacom – a company that shares similar principles to us and provides a software that will continuously evolve alongside our business,” continued Van Drunen.

By deploying Deacom’s single-system ERP software, the growing food manufacturer is able to avoid the operational limitations common in the traditional ERP environment: bolt-on modules and customizations. Furthermore, the Deacom team of ERP artisans are dedicated to helping Van Drunen Farms create more successful and impactful business practices.

“At Van Drunen Farms, we never consider our customers to be ‘just a number’ so it was important to us to select an ERP provider who shared the same principles. Deacom is the perfect balance of a growing, successful company and one that is committed to a quality product and customer service – much like us,” said Van Drunen.

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