5 Characteristics of a Deacom Artisan

We are often asked, “What is a Deacom Artisan?”. To us, it isn’t just a fancy word for “employee,” but rather the perfect definition for who our team members are and what they represent.

As artisans, we are forward thinkers, passionate about crafting new and innovative strategies to improve our software, drive the success of our customers, and impact on our industry. If needed, we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves to get a job done – no matter our position title.

Below are five characteristics that sets a Deacom Artisan apart from the rest:

  1. Not Afraid to Push the Limits – Innovation drives our business and the reason why we are able to stand out from our competition. Phrases like “This is how it has always been done,” are unacceptable at Deacom as we look for innovative professionals who aren’t afraid to challenge the traditional methods of technology.
  1. Visionary – There is no owner’s manual for working at Deacom. Everyone shares a common goal and it is up to each individual to take an idea and run with it – often times with limited direction. This creative freedom encourages team members to explore new strategies to drive success.
  1. Technical Communicators – We have some of the most brilliant technical minds at Deacom, yet they are penchant for customer interaction. No matter the position, nearly every individual experiences some level of communication with our customers contributing to our overall goal of first class service. Additionally, we work in a collaborative team environment where members support one another across departments on a regular basis.
  1. Versatility – How boring would it be if everyone had the same background? We keep an open mind and seek out individuals based on their ability to make an impact in the organization, regardless of their background. Once someone is onboard, they have the opportunity to create their own career path within the company based on performance.
  1. Passion for Making a Difference – At Deacom, we are an “Impactocracy.” Our team members just don’t work hard, but work towards a common goal of making a true impact. That can mean anything from Deacom’s internal operations, software functionality, customer success, and industry footprint.

Deacom is growing tremendously and we are looking for people who possess the above characteristics. Think you have what it takes to be our newest Deacom Artisan? Check out our openings and apply now!

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As the PR Manager for Deacom, Kelly does more than write press releases and manage her digital Rolodex (aka LinkedIn). She is on a mission to eliminate the “Dee-a-kom” problem by creatively merging quality content, media relations, social media, data analysis, SEO, and event marketing to help boost the company’s awareness and reputation as a trusted ERP provider. HINT: It’s pronounced “dē·käm”.