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5 Reasons why you should attend ECI Connect Conference

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend the ECI Connect Conference

This year’s ECI Connect Conference is four years in the making (thank you, 2020) and it’s been since 2019 since ...
How Technology Can Help Infant Formula Manufacturers Meet Quality Control Standards

How Technology Can Help Infant Formula Manufacturers Meet Quality Control Standards

The search for baby formula has put a strain on parents, even as the FDA begins to expedite imports of ...
Railway Supply Chain Issues

Chemical Manufacturers Relying on Railways Continue to Experience Supply Chain Issues

With the holidays right around the corner, Santa’s sleigh may be the only thing fast enough to transport the mass ...
shredded pork tacos

Case Study – Surlean Foods

Deacom Modernizes Business Processes, Unifies Data, and Improves Customer Support Since 1979, family-owned custom food manufacturer Surlean Foods has been ...
Worker using AI in warehouse

Innovations in Deep Analytics Are Critical to the Future of Supply Chains

Digital transformation accelerated very quickly during the global pandemic, leading to 10 years of innovation in just three months. The ...
Procurement employee in manufacturing facility ordering materials

Vendor Diversification Is Here to Stay

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many manufacturing businesses were forced to expand their vendor network to obtain crucial raw materials. While ...
Create of apples in food processing facility representing the importance of shelf life management.

Why Shelf Life Rules Matter for Food Manufacturers

Every manufacturer has a responsibility to make their products as safe as possible for the end user. For those operating ...
ERP Implementation Team

How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failure

The right team of people must be chosen for your ERP project in order to avoid ERP implementation failure. No ...
employees in warehouse managing the flow of inventory

Pivoting from ‘Just-in-Time’ to ‘Just-in-Case’ Inventory Management

Recent Supply Chain Disruptions are Making the Case for This Shift in Inventory Management Since the start of 2020, shortages ...
Equipment operators analyzing data from KnowledgeSync and Deacom ERP

KnowledgeSync Alerts and Automation with Deacom ERP

KnowledgeSync, as part of your Deacom ERP implementation, is here to help streamline your business and enable real-time updates across ...
Individual in warehouse checking inventory with a tablet

Your Reaction Speed Can Be Your Biggest Competitive Advantage

As anyone working in the manufacturing sector will understand, a significant amount of time is allocated for planning, reviewing strategies, ...
Business person contemplating new ERP solutions

7 Common Issues Driving Manufacturers to Look for New ERP Solutions

The current economic climate is causing pains across the entire manufacturing sector. But with many of the same issues plaguing ...