Another Successful DEACOM DISCOVER for the Books!

What a week! It’s hard to believe that after a year of planning, DEACOM DISCOVER 2017 has come and gone. Before we start thinking about next year (we waste no time!), let’s take a minute to recap all that happened during the event. As those who attended DEACOM DISCOVER may have noticed, we held the … Continue reading “Another Successful DEACOM DISCOVER for the Books!”

BOM Management and The Product Configurator

Methods for Efficiently and Elegantly Generating a Bill of Materials from the DEACOM Product Configurator It’s often necessary to generate a fully-configured bill of materials (BOM), based on the customized product options that are chosen in a Product Configurator. One reason for this might be to develop the final cost of the product based on … Continue reading “BOM Management and The Product Configurator”

Why we are looking forward to DEACOM DISCOVER

It’s hard to believe that we are only 5 days away from DEACOM DISCOVER 2017 User Conference… but who’s counting? As we put the final touches on the event, we can’t help but reminisce about past Deacom conferences and build on the anticipation for this year. Here is what some of the Deacom artisans are … Continue reading “Why we are looking forward to DEACOM DISCOVER”

Combating 6 Common ERP Nightmares

It’s not often that an ERP evaluation project is on the bucket list of manufacturing professionals. But when the right solution is selected, it can be the best decision a business can make. In this article, we will reveal some of the most common ERP nightmares we have heard, and share tips on how you … Continue reading “Combating 6 Common ERP Nightmares”

What to Expect at DEACOM DISCOVER 2017

It’s hard to believe that we are only one month away from this year’s DEACOM DISCOVER User Conference. As we put the finishing touches on session content and event details, we can’t help but reminisce about last year and get excited for what is in store for April. In 2016, we broke records when it … Continue reading “What to Expect at DEACOM DISCOVER 2017”

When a “One-Size-Fits-All” ERP Just Won’t Fit

When is the last time you purchased a one-size-fits-all shirt only to find that it was perfect? Let’s face it, this hardly ever happens. Instead, consumers find themselves settling on many features of the product, from the fabric down to the color. While this concept is very popular in apparel, it is also prominent in … Continue reading “When a “One-Size-Fits-All” ERP Just Won’t Fit”

Unifying Operations with One ERP Platform

Recently, we have seen a shift in manufacturers adopting ERP solutions as a centralized platform, rather than separate pieces of software. By creating a single ERP foundation for multiple business entities, manufacturers are able to streamline workflows and boost visibility between the various divisions. Take Diversified CPC International, for example, an established gas manufacturer and … Continue reading “Unifying Operations with One ERP Platform”

3rd Shift Harry and the Tale of FEFO vs. FIFO

In this second installment of our series of 3rd Shift Harry stories, we take a look at a devastating issue that can arise when your inventory management rules are bypassed. Picture this… It’s early in the morning and the 3rd shift is coming to a close. After a long and tiring night, Harry is counting the minutes before … Continue reading “3rd Shift Harry and the Tale of FEFO vs. FIFO”

DEACOM DISCOVER 2017 User Conference (Video)

This coming April will mark the 12th year in a row that we’ve hosted the DEACOM DISCOVER User Conference. In this video, Scott Deakins, Chief Operating Officer of Deacom, talks about what we’re planning for the upcoming event and what our customers can look forward to throughout the three days. The conference is designed to … Continue reading “DEACOM DISCOVER 2017 User Conference (Video)”

3rd Shift Harry and The Hardened Path of Destruction

In this first installment of our series of 3rd Shift Harry stories, we see the catastrophic consequences of what can happen when the wrong materials are issued to a production batch. Paint and coatings manufacturers work with a number of different chemicals and materials to create their products. Paints are typically formulated according to their … Continue reading “3rd Shift Harry and The Hardened Path of Destruction”