20 Advantages of a Comprehensive ERP

Traditional ERP software encompasses the very basic functionality needs within its core system. Whether you make car engines, jewelry, prescription drugs, or desks, the base ERP software remains generic and is often limited to just accounting, purchasing, general ledger, and inventory capabilities. The challenge with this approach is that as your needs grow, so will the complexity of this type of ERP environment.

Deacom does things a little differently with a comprehensive ERP platform. With more than 20 years of experience in the ERP industry, we have invested significant time and resources into developing the industry’s largest functional foundation. Therefore, most of the unique requirements of your manufacturing or distribution business have already been answered within DEACOM’s core ERP system. This allows customers to manage most (if not all) of their operations within a more unified ERP environment and with little reliance on outside systems.

The below illustration shows how the architectural difference between the two strategies.

Deacom's Comprehensive ERP

Here is everything included in Deacom’s comprehensive ERP platform:


Manage real-time accounting data from one location with robust configuration and drill down capabilities.

Business Intelligence

View live business performance from multiple reporting dashboards and previews. Triggers can also be set up to automatically distribute documents and emails after a system process is finished.

Catch Weight Management

Automatically confirm weight specifications through scale integrations, confirm they meet criteria determined in the main application, and generate appropriate labels for catch weight items.


Manage sales workflows, run email campaigns, and track commissions directly within the core ERP system. A mobile app also allows for full access to account data while on-the-go.

Document Generation

Automatically generate documents such as Safety Data Sheets, Certificates of Analysis, and other regulatory documents in real time. DEACOM’s built-in Report Designer allows users to easily set up new forms to accommodate new items or changes in customer requirements.

Direct Store Delivery

Gain mobile access to real-time route management based on data from inventory, accounting, pricing rules, sales orders, and shipments – all from one location.


Capitalize on B2B and B2C online revenue streams with DEACOM’s Ecommerce. Powered by the data within the core system, changes made to inventory or pricing is automatically reflected on the ecommerce website and vice versa.


Manage EDI transactions with a highly flexible and configurable set of built-in tools. Deacom’s in-house EDI specialists can also help you along the way.


With a single set of business logic, any changes to formulas are automatically adjusted in planning, inventory, and production tools.


Improve inventory management with strong lot tracking features and strategies that can be carried throughout the supply chain.


Maintain a high level of connectivity to critical ERP data by accessing dashboards and reports through Deacom’s Apple and Android mobile app.


Strategically plan repair and maintenance tasks for equipment in order to minimize downtime and lower part and labor costs.

Point of Sale

Drive down costs and keep your retail storefront running more effectively with built-in Point of Sale capabilities.

Product Configurator

Price and place customized sales orders for an unlimited number of product features and options.


Simplify the process of creating, scheduling, staging, and analyzing production jobs.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of purchasing needs through data-driven analysis and reporting tools.

Quality Control

Leverage strong process controls to enforce standard operating procedures and the completion of QC checkpoints.


Place sales orders, set up unique pricing models, and create intercompany transfers with real-time impacts on MRP and reporting.


Automatically serialize finished goods at the unit, case, and pallet levels while adhering to strict regulatory requirements.

Warehouse Management

Increase warehouse accuracy, track lots, and manage inventory by using handheld scanners.

Deacom’s approach to ERP development is specifically designed to encourage customers to build upon Deacom’s strong foundation by leveraging its extensibility. It is a unique opportunity to connect beyond the footprint with the comprehensive ERP platform in order to meet business requirements – now and into the future.