What Makes Deacom’s Hiring Process Different?

On almost a weekly basis, interview candidates comment on how our process is very different from what they have experienced at other employers. To that, we say “Thank You!” When we began creating our current interview strategy, we wanted to design it in a way that would keep all participants engaged and motivated through each stage of the process.

Here is how we do it:

No time is wasted

The entire interview process is ridiculously fast. Based on our stats, we maintain an average 21-day turnaround from the time we review a resume to the moment an offer is made (the industry average is 39 days according to research conducted by Jobvite). We start with an initial video screen which can be done on their phone during a lunch break if candidates can not take time away during the day. For the next stage of the process, we invite them to come onsite to meet everyone involved in the process including their potential managers and fellow team members. We strive to keep on-site interviews to only one half a day which saves candidates from using an excessive amount of PTO.

There is nothing worse than a long, dragged out interview process. Since we do not have multiple layers of red tape that we need to go through for approval to move forward with an offer, we can avoid a lengthy process. If we really want someone to become part of our team, we move on them fast to get them onboard.

Communication lines are always kept open

Our hiring team is diligent about ongoing communication throughout the entire process. We always let candidates know where they stand within a week of our last touchpoint. No matter if there is a delay, a decision has been made, the background check has been processed, or if we just want to say “hi,” we keep all those involved as updated as possible. And we will never keep candidates hanging – if we feel that it is not going to be a fit, we will send an email to close the loop.

Why is this communication important for us? Because we see it is a huge problem in the recruitment industry today. Often times, professionals interview and never receive a follow up letting them know where they stand in the process or what is going on. At Deacom, we are committed to never doing this to anyone that is part of the journey at Deacom.

Candidates gain a well-rounded view of the day-to-day job

During the onsite to interview, we give candidates the opportunity to really dive into what it will be like to work here by meeting one-on-one with multiple team members. This often includes representatives from the hiring team, a peer who does the job they are interviewing for, and the department head that they will be reporting to. Depending on the position they may also have the opportunity to interview with additional team members including the software operations manager.

This strategy creates great benefits for both the candidate and the interviewers:

Candidate: Candidates get the chance to speak with someone who is currently doing the job so they can gain a clear understanding of what the day-to-day responsibilities look like. They also get to meet with the department head to understand what the expectations and specific KPIs are for the role. This ensures that the candidate has a full and true understanding of the position they would be taking on and the culture they would be walking into. There is nothing worse than being sold on a position that does not actually exist once they start and this level of insight into the company prevents this from happening.

Interviewers: Interviewers are able to get a strong gauge on how well the candidate will perform in the role. Through exercises and situational-based questions, they can see a candidate’s areas of strength and growth. This helps determine what coaching and training will be needed once the candidate comes onboard.

We like to shake things up a bit

We ask all candidates to prepare a homework assignment and bring it to the onsite interview for the department head to review with them. The homework assignment is different for each position and it is designed to mimic a specific and major function of the role. For example, those looking to join our development team will be challenged to put their coding skills to the test and data candidates will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of relational databases. The homework we ask those interviewing for implementation positions will show us their ability to create strong project plans while illustrating their presentation skills.

We also like to sprinkle in various exercises between the face-to-face interview sessions. Like the homework, these exercises are specific to the role being interviewed for and are reviewed with different team members during the process. Candidates have said this breaks up the process making it more stimulating rather than just sitting in a meeting room and conversing for a series of hours.

We have spent the past three years building and fine-tuning our interview process in order to provide a unique and valuable experience for both interviewees and interviewers. So, if you are on the hunt for a new career opportunity, apply now to join our team!