Protecting your dairy business with Deacom ERP

As a dairy producer, you are faced with many unique challenges and the pandemic has introduced new ones that now need to be considered. Fluctuating prices, a volatile market, food safety regulations, changes in consumer demands, and labor issues make it very difficult to compete. Not to mention, with thin margins, the “cost of being wrong” can make a significant impact on the business. 

By gaining a solid understanding of how to identify issues early on and react quickly to them, you can reduce costly risks to your company. Real-time visibility and control over company data allows you to implement scalable and repeatable processes, which include quality checkpoints, that cannot be bypassed. This ensures consistent quality even through changes in demand and workforce. 

We recently held a webinar that discussed (and demonstrated) how Deacom ERP can help dairy producers with:

  • Producer payroll to help manage all of your producer milk payments automatically, report on invoice variances, and reconcile at the end of the month.
  • Quality control enforcement to ensure that products being shipped always adhere to the company’s standards as well as customer and food safety requirements.
  • Lot tracking and inventory visibility so you can track lots forward and backwards in real time throughout the supply chain. 
  • Catch weight functionality that is integrated with scales to automatically generate labels and barcodes based on weight and in less than one second. 
  • Variance reporting so you can better understand how much “giveaway” you are producing and identify ways to reduce it. 
  • Forecasting to help you better predict demand, inventory, and production needs. 
  • Direct store delivery to simplify the process of scheduling orders, planning routes based on the sales inventory calendar, processing orders, and entering returns.

About the author

Lead Product Consultant at | Website

With two decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, Drew has spent half of that specifically helping process manufacturing companies identify opportunities to strengthen their existing operations. He combines industry best practices, developing trends and his deep understanding of Deacom ERP to truly understand the unique challenges of each company and how they can reach their full potential with the Deacom system.