Case Study – TruFood Manufacturing

When TruFood manufacturing acquired Simply Natural Foods in 2020, they knew that continuing to operate independently was not an option. At the time, both companies used two different ERP environments.

TruFood had implemented Deacom ERP in 2014 which provided a centralized business management solution with a single source of truth. This allowed the company to instill strong process controls and realize great business impact over the years.  

Simply Natural Foods used a combination of multiple systems which made it very difficult to have an accurate understanding of how the business was performing. Manual intervention and hard copy paperwork were very common, especially when it came to inventory management and cycle counting processes in the warehouse. This would often cause the manufacturer to waste or run out of materials without warning, causing stockouts and production delays.  

Since TruFood was already live on the Deacom ERP, the foundation and SOPs were already in place for a smooth implementation of another business entity. 

Read the full case study to find out how Deacom was able to get Simply Natural up and running in just four months while building efficiencies and reducing headcount.    

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