Devault Foods Eliminates “Busy Work” with DEACOM ERP

Devault LogoAfter managing multiple independent systems often resulting in discrepancies between reports, Devault Foods reached their breaking point. The team realized this strategy was slowing the company’s growth and they needed to make a significant change to their operations: a new ERP solution.

As a national supplier of portioned-controlled meat products, it is essential that the Devault team can carefully monitor the fluctuating prices on raw material.

“Currently, we are managing various, independent systems which often causes discrepancies between reports,” said Brett Black, Chief Operating Officer of Devault Foods. “For our company, minimal margins of even a penny can make a significant impact on our business’s bottom line and a reliable ERP system like DEACOM will allow us to create more accurate pricing plans and forecasting.”

By eliminating the customizations and bolt-ons of a traditional ERP environment, Devault is able to leverage real-time visibility with DEACOM ERP and better match their gross margin to the profit and loss statement. This inherently simpler platform synchronizes all area’s of the company’s business within a single location. 

“Deacom will allow us to remove a lot of the “busy work” that was slowing our growth. Their unique, single-system software model puts them far ahead of other ERP providers and allows process manufacturers to dive deep into their data to conduct accurate forecasting. Now that Devault has selected DEACOM, the volatile cost component of our industry is able to be better managed for the long term,” continued Black.

The Deacom team is excited to kick-off implementation with Devault and deliver the tools for the company to improve business operations. For more information, click here to see the full press release.

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