Devault Foods Eliminates “Busy Work” with DEACOM ERP

Devault Header

After managing multiple independent systems often resulting in discrepancies between reports, Devault Foods reached their breaking point. The team realized this strategy was slowing the company’s growth and they needed to make a significant change to their operations: a new ERP solution. As a national supplier of portioned-controlled meat products, it is essential that the …

No Room for Mistakes with Encapsys


“The word ‘mistake’ is not in our vocabulary,” said Jeff Fletcher, CFO of Encapsys, LLC, a leader in microencapsulation technologies. As the newest member of the Deacom community, Encapsys’ unique market approach and complex business practices was the perfect match for Deacom’s ERP software. “Encapsys has the capability to provide unique solutions to unique problems making …

Nutraceutical Startup Enlists DEACOM ERP to Create the Foundation for Production

Elevate Health Sciences

Deacom is very excited to formally announce a new member to the Deacom Community: Elevate Health Sciences, a nutraceutical startup planning to manufacture softgels and capsules. With significant orders already pending production, their team was eager to select the right ERP system to put in place by the time they kickoff production at the end …

U.N.X. INCORPORATED Steers Clear from Customizations with DEACOM ERP


U.N.X. INCORPORATED, a manufacturer of chemicals for the laundry and institutional industries, was looking for a new ERP solution to help steer the business towards future growth. Previously, the company was leveraging an in-house system for their operations but ran into extreme complications when the software became outdated and prevented business development. Valuable employees were …

Industry Expertise Fuels ERP Purchasing Decision for Bergin Fruit & Nut Co.

Bergin Fruit & Nut Company

Too often do manufacturing businesses live the nightmare of ERP. Extensive customizations and third-party bolt-ons contribute heavily towards budget breaks and functional vulnerabilities. These challenges often prevents the growth potential of businesses like Bergin Fruit & Nut Co, a manufacturer and distributer of healthy food products, specializing in fresh produce and nuts.