No Room for Mistakes with Encapsys

Encapsys_Logo“The word ‘mistake’ is not in our vocabulary,” said Jeff Fletcher, CFO of Encapsys, LLC, a leader in microencapsulation technologies. As the newest member of the Deacom community, Encapsys’ unique market approach and complex business practices was the perfect match for Deacom’s ERP software.

“Encapsys has the capability to provide unique solutions to unique problems making our business very complex. In order to advance the business while managing strict requirements, new technology needed to be incorporated into the foundation of our business,” continued Fletcher.

Attracting some of the most reputable clients in the industry, Encapsys needed to ensure that they had the technology in place to support every aspect of the business within a centralized ERP environment. The company required a solution that could automatically convert units of measure and currency, scale from R&D through production, manage unique pricing scenarios, and include scalable MRP to handle consigned raw material.

Without the need to significantly adjust their own internal processes, Encapsys is excited to implement Deacom’s ERP software into their business operations. “We can continue to manufacture in a way that has proven to be profitable for our business but now more efficiently with Deacom technology to support operations.

For more information, check out the full press release here.

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