New On-Demand Webinar: Strengthen Your Supply Chain Management with Forecasting and MRP

Proper supply chain management necessitates anticipating demand, limiting risk, and smoothing inventory management to avoid shortages or over-ordering. Demand forecasting and material requirements planning (MRP) are both processes that can assist you in anticipating and mitigating supply chain delays and ensuring that customer demands are met without interruption.

During this webinar, we provide a demonstration of how Deacom ERP software helps manufacturers like you anticipate and mitigate supply chain delays and ensure that your customer demands are met without interruption.  

Specific topics include:

  • Understanding the forecast creation processes
  • Using forecast consumption methods in MRP
  • Reviewing forecast impact on raw materials and sub-assemblies
  • Reporting on and adjusting work center capacities

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Domenick Naccarato has been a featured writer on the Deacom blog for the past 8 years sharing his insight into manufacturing best practice techniques, conversations with customers, and videos of Deacom ERP experts and users.