Deacom Customer Shorts: Silver Spring Foods

In this next set of Deacom Customer videos, we wanted to focus on Silver Spring Foods. This food manufacturer not only has its own products and brands, but is also a large co-packer for some of the biggest names you’ll find on the grocery shelves today. A business like theirs brings with it a lot of complexities specifically surrounding inventory, documentation, and unique requirements.

So how do they manage it all? With the help of DEACOM. The company’s CIO, Noah Wallace III, talked to us about some of the biggest impacts that DEACOM ERP has made on their business.

Here are the key topics in each video:

  • Reducing Inventory Variance by up to 99% with DEACOM ERP – For years, Silver Spring Foods accepted the fact that their inventory was off $250,000-$300,000. Since implementing DEACOM, they have significantly reduced their inventory variance

“Every year, we have gotten better and better,” said Wallace. “We are currently down to about $1,700 in variance even though we now have more inventory. The number is getting so small now that sometimes we think it’s just a factor of rounding.”

  • Automating Document Generation with DEACOM ERP – Prior to DEACOM, Silver Spring Foods needed to pull information from multiple different systems to create a single document, not to mention manually putting it all together. Today, they have a strong system in place that keeps all critical information in one location and automatically generates documents like Certificate of Analysis and Bill of Ladings. Now their team members can focus on what they do best, not on completing tedious busy work.

“It’s a much simpler task than it used to be and we know that it is done right. This really helped our people on the warehouse side,” said Wallace.

  • Handling Complex Requirements with DEACOM ERP – Making 700-800 different products for various companies, including their own, creates a lot of complexity in their business processes as each brand has their own requirements and expectations.

“Before Deacom, a lot of processes were handled outside of the ERP – through excel or MS Access,” said Wallace. “But now with DEACOM, we have the ability to handle those requirements within the system.”

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