Beyond the Job Description: Implementation Consultant

After a long day of work, nobody wants to spend their evenings scrolling through job boards. In a sea of boring job descriptions, it’s difficult to find one that stands out and gets you excited, right? Well, hopefully, we can help. While we do still have formal job descriptions (there seems to be no way around that), we like to accompany them with blog posts like this that dive deep into the position to paint a clear picture of what it would be like to join the team. Next up, Implementation Consultant.

When our customers commit to DEACOM as their new ERP platform, they are also committing to our implementation team. Our Implementation Consultants are critical to helping to drive the success of Deacom and our customers. These team members are on the front line working with our customers day-in and day-out.

When customers get started with us, the Implementation Consultant is responsible for first understanding how the business is run today. What does the product lifecycle look like? How do they adhere to regulations? What are their biggest pain-points? Where are their opportunities for improvements? With this information, Implementation Consultants are able to offer advice on boosting efficiencies both inside and outside of the ERP software.

One of the truly great benefits of being the connection between Deacom and our customers is the ability to design enhancements that improve DEACOM software. This is how Deacom has grown for the last 25 years and will continue to evolve for the next 25.

The Day-to-Day

There is no “Groundhog Day” feeling for Implementation Consultants at Deacom!  Every day is a little different and so are the customers that we work with whether it is a candy manufacturer, cannabis startup, or brewery.

DEACOM interacts with every aspect of our customers’ business which means implementation consultants work directly with customers and their team of experts to learn the intricacies and challenges of the business. One day they may be out on a customer’s factory floor learning about how their warehouse is organized, and the next they’re back in the office collaborating with team members to see if there is a more effective warehouse layout that will save time and money.

Making an Impact

During a project, Implementation Consultants are responsible for getting a customer off the starting blocks and across the finish line. Contrary to other similar roles in the industry, these team members are with the customer during the entire project, learning the in’s and out’s of their business and implementing improvements as needed. It’s a great responsibility with the payoff of knowing that they’ve helped design processes that are making our customers’ businesses more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

Most Implementation Consultants share a sense of pride in understanding their influence in a manufacturer doubling their revenue in three years, widening their market to accept business overseas, or even securing huge contracts with big-box retailers. What other role can place you in a position to directly drive the success of some of the most reputable manufacturing companies?

Drop what you’re doing and apply now because you’re going to love it here if…

An unfinished puzzle keeps you up at night.

Customers are constantly testing our problem-solving abilities by bringing us new processes and requirements that DEACOM needs to handle. Since we don’t do customizations, it challenges us to think differently and get creative with the solution so that it can be applicable to many customers, rather than just the one. There’s nothing more satisfying than that “aha” moment when you are able to create a solution that drastically improves the way our customers do business.

You’re one of those “go down a waterslide head-first” kind of people.

At other companies with similar implementation consultant positions, you’ll start out at the bottom by doing some busy work and less mission-critical tasks. Not at Deacom. Here, you get down to business quickly. While it will take some training and sitting in on process engineering sessions to get you up to speed, you may be leading calls with customers in just a few weeks.

There is no room for Debbie Downer’s in your life.

A large part of what makes Deacom awesome is the people. Seriously! Ask anyone here. We are all invested in each other’s success and truly enjoy spending time with each other – which is a good thing when you travel and work so closely with them. If you come on board, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with driven professionals who will encourage you to exceed your own expectations on a daily basis.

You like planes, trains, and automobiles… and frequent flyer miles!

Our Implementation team can only do so much sitting behind a desk or within the four walls of an office. Being onsite gives a unique perspective into how a business runs their day-to-day operations rather than just hearing about it from one person over the phone. Each project is different and will require some level of travel which gives team members the chance to see different parts of the world that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. Germany, Charleston, Portland, and Toronto are just a few of the places our team has traveled to lately.

This may not be your dream job if…

You are a clock-watcher.

Implementations can be long, difficult, and involve people of all skill levels. You may find that some customers pick up the software and the logic quickly but there will be some that that take a bit longer. Patience is a virtue, and quite honestly required for this position.

Change is not your forte.

Software moves fast and you must be able to keep up. Falling behind is not an option at Deacom and it shouldn’t be for you either. It is critical to understand and stay on top of new functionality in order to drive successful implementations. Remember, change is good!

One word: Aviofobia!

Sure, you may be working with a local company today where the travel may only be a one-hour drive. But I promise you, this is not always going to be the case. Many of our implementation consultants have become self-proclaimed jet setters so if the thought of getting on a plane has you shaking in your boots, you might want to look at other roles we’re currently hiring for.


You thrive in a relaxed work environment.

While we all work hard at Deacom, it’s important that we work to live, not live to work. To help employees put this into practice, we have implemented a professionally relaxed dress code as well as a flexible schedule program. Whether this means wearing shorts because it’s 98 degrees outside or leaving at 4 pm so you can make your kid’s baseball game, that works for us. As long as you work your hours and maintain professionalism, you can take advantage of this flexibility.

You like to dabble in a variety of different things.

Deacom is in growth mode – especially now that we have announced our international expansion into Germany. One of the benefits of joining our team is the ability to swim in multiple lanes. As part of your day-to-day, you’ll get to work cross-functionally and are encouraged to dive into anything that interests you. It seems that we are announcing every month that a handful of team members are being promoted into new departments and taking the lead to create entirely new teams. So, if you are eager to learn and not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, you will have many opportunities for growth without barriers. 

Cycle counting, production capacity, certificate of analysis… you actually understand what these terms mean.

If we hear that you have previous experience in manufacturing or even working with ERP, it is music to our ears! Many of our implementation consultants have come from these worlds and since our ERP platform specializes in manufacturing and distribution, this knowledge has really helped in their transition. Plus, you may already have some ideas that we haven’t thought about yet.

Do we have you sold? To top it off, we’re hiring for this position for both our Chesterbrook, PA and Denver, CO offices so you have your pick!

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