5 Characteristics of an Effective Quality Management Solution

Manufacturers invest a significant amount of time and resources to ensure high-quality products are produced with every production run. But recent changes to the supply chain have made quality management more of a challenge than ever before. Diversifying supplier lists, reacting to distribution delays, and juggling changing QC requirements can all impact a manufacturer’s ability to consistently adhere to quality standards.

As the company grows, upholding high standards can become more of a challenge but it doesn’t have to be.

Over the years, we have uncovered five characteristics that make up a powerful quality management solution and I share these (and demonstrate them) in our most recent webinar. These characteristics include:

  • Hyper-Tight Process Control™ – Reduce the “cost of being wrong” by guaranteeing consistent quality with native functionality.
  • System Flexibility – Adapt to changes that are brought on by customer/industry demands and business growth. 
  • Quality Process Management – Establish, document, and manage quality standards throughout every stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Document Management – Automatically generate documents to ensure what is leaving the building adheres to what is defined in the company’s and customers’ quality guidelines.
  • Regulatory Compliant – Ensure regulatory compliance and/or necessary certifications.

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Hilary Johnson has been in marketing for over 20 years with an additional skillset in mechanical engineering for half of her career. She has worked in a variety of manufacturing industries including aerospace & defense, medical devices, additive manufacturing, renewable energy, and more.