Webinar: Managing the Complexities of the Food and Beverage Industry

We recently hosted a webinar that demonstrated how some of the leaders in the Food and Beverage industry are using ERP to help maintain compliance, strengthen operations, and drive long-term business growth.

The technology that manufacturers and distributors in the industry have in place can help them take control over operations and minimize risks like regulatory violations, recalls, and even damaged reputations.

Lead Product Consultant, Amanda Goodman, discussed how DEACOM ERP specifically handles the unique needs of those in the food and beverage industry which include:

  • Recipe Management – Calculating unit of measure conversions and nutritional facts for finished goods.
  • Planning – Determining purchasing requirements through a combination of sales orders, forecasts, production, and min/max demands.
  • Scheduling – Applying routings, inventory issues, sequencing rules, and drag-and-drop functionality to drive efficient scheduling.
  • Production Inputs – Strengthening lot traceability through the issuing of materials and creation of finished goods, and determining their impact on results using in-process checks and finished good specifications.
  • Order Fulfillment – Picking orders based on customer-specific requirements, creating pallets with labels, and automatically generating documents.
  • Financials – Streamlining the process of financial consolidation for multi-company / multi-facility companies with drill-down to source transaction capabilities for audit trails.

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