Mobile Warehousing Function to be Crucial Component of New ERP Implementation for Williams Sausage Company


Deacom, Inc., the developer of a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, has kicked off implementation for Williams Sausage Company, a Tennessee family-owned and operated producer of sausage products. Seeking an alternative to the traditional bolt-on model of most ERPs, the company chose DEACOM ERP as the best software to meet their critical business needs.

“In order to facilitate the aggressive growth plans laid out for the business, we realized a need to begin consolidating our various systems and better manage our manual processes,” said Roger Williams, President of Williams Sausage. “One of the things that attracted us to DEACOM was that we could accomplish this in one platform.”

Running their 3PL business, managing quality control, and proper planning of plant maintenance are all focal points for what Williams Sausage will rely on DEACOM to support. But in addition to their complex sausage processing requirements, Williams Sausage will leverage the DEACOM Direct Store Delivery (DSD) application to deliver their brands directly to retail outlets. The company saw the ability to electronically lot track DSD orders from within the main system, without the need for a hurdle jumping integration, as a big value to them.

Deacom’s DSD mobile application includes capabilities that provide route management information from sales, inventory, pricing rules, sales orders, shipments, and accounting data. Full functionality is made available even with a lack of cell service or Wi-Fi connectivity.

“Our trucks are akin to mobile warehouses,” continued Williams. “Because we sell off of them 100% of the time, we knew that we needed a DSD system that would not be a bottleneck to our sales and distribution processes. I appreciate that DEACOM is a single foundation of software, capable of meeting our many business requirements, especially this one.”

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