KnowledgeSync Alerts and Automation with Deacom ERP

KnowledgeSync, as part of your Deacom ERP implementation, is here to help streamline your business and enable real-time updates across your entire organization.

Businesses today generate more data than ever before and keeping up with it all can be a challenge. Issues like overdue invoices, low inventory, late deliveries, and employee absenteeism put a strain on valuable human resources. When these issues aren’t caught on time, there can be a real price to pay. KnowledgeSync monitors your data 24/7, for critical time sensitive events that you identify, then automatically responds to those events, enabling you to prevent a serious problem, or take advantage of a new opportunity.

How does KnowledgeSync Alerts and Automation with Deacom work?

You can monitor your business applications in real time with KnowledgeSync Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). With a pre-configured EventPak library, you can enable alerts, reports distribution, and workflows based on your schedule and specific business conditions. Plus, this is all done automatically.

Once a business event occurs, KnowledgeSync sends alerts via email, text, or web dashboards to your staff, customers, prospects, or vendors. This includes the generation and delivery of all your organizations forms and documents, such as invoices to clients, purchase orders to vendors, and benefit enrollments to employees. And based on changing business conditions, KnowledgeSync autogenerates and delivers all your analytical reports, whether on a schedule, on demand, or automatically triggered. KnowledgeSync’s workflow module also triggers intelligent application updates. Such as putting a past-due client on credit hold or creating a purchase order for an item that’s dropped below its re-order level. As an enterprise-wide solution, KnowledgeSync monitors all your business applications, whether cloud -based or on-prem.

What are some benefits of using KnowledgeSync with Deacom ERP?

  • The ability to pull from multiple data sources like SQL or an API
  • Having a single system for all event monitoring
  • Configuration options that are managed by administrators
  • Easily transfer data between systems
  • Automated and pre-configured for quick startup
  • Pre-packaged ready to go reports/alerts on a pre-set schedule
  • Users can subscribe to specific events
  • Improved graphics and visualizations
  • Alert thresholds can be set based on user needs
    •  For example: A sales manager can be alerted to any sales order over $1000 while CFO can be alerted to any sales order over $10,000
  • Users that only use Deacom for reporting/oversight can be supplied information without additional license fees.

With KnowledgeSync you can quickly get started with established alerts for each department:

Purchasing – Remain up to date with your purchasing cycle

  • Stay on top of purchase orders including the vendor’s name, material, and quantity ordered
  • Get a list of materials that you received in the warehouse today, including the product name a quantity
  • Receive a list of incoming purchase orders and how many days until they are expected to arrive

Job Tracking – Track and address job activities

  • Be aware of jobs that have produced material entered into inventory today that includes the job number, material, and quantity produced
  • Get a list of jobs that were closed today or put “on hold”
  • Know the status of the job or if it has not been assigned for a start date
  • Track inactive stock items

Sales – Instantly know what is going on with your sales and pull lists such as:

  • The last time a customer placed an order
  • Customers who have ordered over a specified amount
  • All the sales orders that were entered into the system yesterday, including the shipping location, promised delivery date, and due to ship date
  • Sales orders that have shipped, but not yet invoiced, including customer name and payment terms
  • Orders with overdue balances where a filter can be added to allocate a selected amount

Inventory – Monitor inventory activity

  • Obtain a list where the current quantity in your inventory is less than the pre-determined safety stock quantity

We are delighted to offer KnowledgeSync Business Activity Monitoring to Deacom customers in an effort to help you become more flexible, responsive, and customer-centric by increasing productivity, operational efficiency, and business clarity.

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