Deacom’s ERP and Cloud Management Service to Help Drive Herb Pharm’s Growth

Deacom, Inc., the developer of a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, has begun implementation of its software and Cloud Management Services for Herb Pharm, the nation’s leading brand of high-quality, liquid herbal extracts. By investing in Deacom’s ERP solution, Herb Pharm is taking an integrated approach to managing its business operations. The results will include enhanced operational visibility across the company, improved forecasting and budgeting, and other gains.

“Within our legacy ERP environment, we’ve been using multiple independent pieces of software, including Excel, Access, and software we’ve developed ourselves,” said Tal Johnson, CEO of Herb Pharm. “We grow herbs on our own organic farms, source from other trusted growers, and perform extraction and all bottling in our own facilities. We needed to make a strategic move away from a modular ERP structure onto one solution that handles our farm-to-shelf requirements. DEACOM ERP meets these needs by providing functionality specific to our industry, including quality functions, as native components of the core system. This will enable all members of our team to access information instantly and drill down into the data to gain a thorough understanding of our performance.”

Maintaining all operations within a single ERP system allows companies, like Herb Pharm, to control complex operations and improve their ability to forecast demand and production needs. As an example, DEACOM’s MRP functionality uses real-time data from all areas of the business to plan daily, monthly, and yearly manufacturing and production activities. Herb Pharm will see a great benefit from this as their growing cycle requires lead times of one to even four years to schedule plantings and to manage the soil responsibly and regeneratively.

Herb Pharm is also taking advantage of Deacom’s Managed Cloud Services, allowing them to place a higher focus on its own business operations rather than the IT requirements necessary for an ERP deployment. With this solution, Deacom will host and manage Herb Pharm’s ERP environment which includes security, hardware, backups, performance optimization, and upgrades along with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

“Implementing DEACOM ERP with Managed Cloud Services will allow us to mitigate work associated with managing disparate software systems and an on-premise ERP environment. We are confident this strategy puts us in a stronger position to serve our retail partners, employees, and people who depend on us for high-quality herbs,” said Johnson.

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