DEACOM ERP to Drive Scalability of Citrus Systems

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Deacom, Inc., the developer of a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, has begun implementation of its ERP software for Citrus Systems, a beverage and juice manufacturing, distribution, and private label company. Citrus Systems is in the midst of significant growth and plans to leverage its investment in DEACOM ERP to help drive automation and boost efficiency within a single software system.

“Our previous ERP environment consisted of connection points between systems, Excel spreadsheets, and manual processes,” said Greg Nicholas, COO of Citrus Systems. “While it was manageable in the past, the amount of wasted time by valuable personnel proved that this structure was not sustainable for our next phase of growth. Something needed to change, and we knew it needed to start by simplifying our processes with a stronger ERP solution and eliminating bolt-ons. With DEACOM, all of our functional necessities are native to the system and free of customizations. This brings all areas of the business onto the same software system and delivers real-time data, giving us the confidence and insight to expand operations.”

By implementing DEACOM ERP, Citrus Systems will be able to implement:

  • Strong Process Controls – Built-in process controls will help the manufacturer enforce scalable, repeatable practices. Processes are put in place to ensure that workers do not bypass critical steps or ship lots that are on QC hold to customers.
  • Strict Lot Traceability – By implementing barcoding with WMS, Citrus Systems will be able to reduce their dependency on manual work necessary for lot tracking. Building automation into their processes will ensure that lots are recorded correctly, and lot expiration dates are efficiently managed. 
  • Automated Document Generation – With how quickly regulations and customer requirements change, automatically generating documents within DEACOM will help Citrus Systems keep up with demand and make sure they always adhere to the most recent requirements.  
  • Real-Time Inventory Management – Real-time inventory data provides the visibility necessary to efficiently prepare and fulfill critical customer orders accurately and on time.

“As we grow, the cost of mistakes will increase so it was important that we invested in a centralized ERP solution, like DEACOM ERP, to help mitigate these risks and open new opportunities that will drive growth,” Nicholas said.

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