DEACOM DISCOVER Registration is Open!

We are all very excited to finally talk about what we have in store for the DEACOM DISCOVER 2018 user conference. Each year, the event proves to be better than the year before and this year will not disappoint. Here is what you can expect for this year’s conference:

All session content has been designed around business processes like Sales Entry & Pricing, Accounting Planning, Purchasing MRP, and Production Automation, to name a few. Within these topics, we will explain and demonstrate how specific software features can be applied to these areas and improve your day-to-day tasks.

We are introducing a new group of sessions that focus on non-software topics. Customers in implementation will find great value in all of these sessions. They will guide you through what it takes for a successful project, what Deacom resources are available to you and how to use them, and how to pull and validate data.

For those who are already live on the software, other sessions will be offered to help you grow your company with Deacom. This includes best practices for upgrading the DEACOM system, getting the right support, and how to implement strong hiring strategies to create the best team.

If we can’t find you in one of these classes, chances are you will be in our new Deacom TechLab. Open throughout the entire conference, the lab will provide you with the opportunity to test out case studies addressed in the sessions.

For example, credit card processing strategies will be discussed in the “Sales Entry & Pricing” workshop. While the presenters will explain the process and demonstrate it for the whole class, you can then put what you learned to the test in the TechLab’s DEACOM environments. Deacom team members will be there to offer help along the way and make sure you have a strong understanding of how to implement it back at home.

And of course, we will have nightly events during DEACOM DISCOVER for users to network over cocktails and good food in a more relaxed environment. After being in conference rooms all day, who wouldn’t want to take on a go-kart or zombie laser tag challenge?

So, what are you waiting for? Use our Session Scheduler to find the right sessions for you. By selecting any number of business roles, you can view a list of workshops that are specific to your focus areas. The ones you select will automatically populate the registration form making the whole process as simple as possible.


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