DEACOM DISCOVER 2021: What you need to know

Next week is DEACOM DISCOVER 2021! To make sure you get the most out of this year’s event, we wanted to review some important details.   

Virtual Format 

As you know, this year’s event will be held virtually. Please access the virtual User Conference environment using the Web App. We recommend you keep this link bookmarked over the course of the week. This will provide access to your schedule, session materials, presenter information, and more.  

  • Username: Your username is the email address you used during the conference registration process. 
  • Password: If you attended the conference last year, the password will be the same as what you used for the mobile app then. If you have not, you will be prompted to create a password. There is always the ability to reset the password if you cannot remember it. 

Attending Sessions 

All sessions have been scheduled with GoToMeeting and are accessible at the top of each of the session detail screens. At the time of your session, just click on ‘Join Now’ button to attend. 


All virtual sessions, meetings, and keynotes will be held via GoToMeeting. While we know many of you are very familiar with this platform, here are some helpful GoToMeeting resources for those that are not: 


Each day of the conference will kick off with a live keynote presentation at 10am EDT. Watch live from the link provided on the Keynote session details screen. Below are the keynotes we have planned:  

  • Investing in the Future of Deacom – Tuesday (10/19) – ECI’s investment in Deacom opens up great opportunities to grow Deacom’s global platform while keeping the DEACOM software unchanged. In addition to the solutions and services that have always been in place for Deacom customers, ECI brings new benefits which include significant investments into customer experiences, support, cloud, and security. In this keynote presentation, Matt Heerey, President of ECI’s Manufacturing Division, will share what the future has in store for DEACOM ERP and its community. 
  • Joining Forces – Wednesday (10/20) – Deacom recently joined forces with ECI Software Solutions to become ECI’s global platform to serve batch and process manufacturers going forward. Being part of ECI gives Deacom even more financial stability and future growth potential to continue to support customers long into the future. ECI’s CEO, Trevor Gruenewald, will take the (virtual) stage to introduce ECI Software Solutions to Deacom’s global community and dive into the role Deacom will play in the future of ECI.   
  • Responding to New Supply Chain Trends – Thursday (10/21) – The vulnerabilities exposed by the recent pandemic and other unforeseen events (like the Suez Canal blockage) have flipped how process manufacturers approach the supply chain upside down. Some of the most significant trends we have seen emerge among our community include: a shift from just-in-time to just-in-case inventory management, pricing fire drills, diversifying supply chains, and ecommerce. In this keynote presentation, Scott Deakins will shed light on these topics and explore what the future of the process manufacturing industry looks like in the light of the main trends of its markets.   

1on1 Sessions 

If you requested a 1on1 session during the registration process, a Deacom team member has already reached out to you directly to coordinate the topic and time. Once details are confirmed, your schedule in the Web app will be adjusted to reflect the 1on1 session details. 

Course Materials 

If you are interested in materials for another session that you are not able to attend, you can access all materials for every session via the Web app. Just click on the desired session to find the relevant workbook, presentation, and any other necessary materials for that session. 

Social Events 

Social Networking Events will take place Tuesday (Trivia) and Wednesday (Murder Mystery) nights at 5:30pm EDT. If you RSVP’ed, information on how to access the event are included in the session details on your schedule.  

CPE Credits 

In previous years, we were able to offer CPE credits for session attendance. Unfortunately, due to changes in requirements, we are no longer able to provide CPE credits to conference attendees.  

If you have any questions, please email Otherwise, we look forward to another great conference. 

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