Are We Doing Things as Simply as Possible?

An excerpt from the latest Deacom company update

In a recent company update, Jay Deakins, CEO of Deacom, discussed our long-running concept of ‘Complexity Made Simple’ and how it impacts everything we do. Whether we’re developing new features of the software, implementing a new customer, or supporting our existing customers, the notion of keeping things as simple as possible is something that resonates with all our customers.

In this video, Jay talks about a newly acquired customer and conveyed a sentiment that they shared with us; that a big part of their decision to go with DEACOM is knowing their life is going to be simpler and that as a company, they can drive their growth better with our software than they could with our competitors.

He goes on to talk about how important it is for us to take a moment from our daily routines to stop and think about how we might be able to take whatever it is we’re doing and make that process just a little bit simpler.

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Domenick Naccarato has been a featured writer on the Deacom blog for the past 8 years sharing his insight into manufacturing best practice techniques, conversations with customers, and videos of Deacom ERP experts and users.